8 Home Projects to Pursue in Winter

Home Projects to Pursue in Winter

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you should sit around waiting for summer.

Why not use the time indoors to catch up on those home repairs you’ve been putting off? These home improvement projects are perfect for the winter months:

1. Install new carpet

Install new carpetIs your basement covered in old tile or linoleum flooring? Lay down some new carpet. Not only can it increase your home value, but it can keep your house warm by adding insulation to your floor. Your feet will enjoy the warmth, and your wallet will enjoy the savings because your furnace won’t need to work as hard.

2. Upgrade your kitchen storage

If your kitchen is a little smaller than you’d like it to be, add some new shelves, hooks, or cabinets. This doesn’t have to be hard: Angling a shelf downward in one of your cabinets or pantry and placing a tension rod an inch above the bottom can create a convenient space for canned goods, letting them roll downward without sacrificing visibility. Adding hooks to the side of your cabinets for mugs or pans can free up space inside them for other implements.

3. Add a tiled backsplash

tiles in kitchenIn your kitchen or bathroom, adding a backsplash is a cost-effective way to give your countertops a little more personality. Plus, they can protect the drywall from scrapes and splashes. Choose larger tiles made of glass, porcelain, or ceramic, which are easy to clean and install.

4. Update your bathroom fixtures

Between lighting, sink basins, faucets, and toilets, bathrooms offer a lot of upgrade opportunities in a relatively small space. Because of that size, projects can be contained rather than spilling into the rest of the house. Even if you’re not too interested in swapping out fixtures, some new paint, decorations, and shelving can make a big difference.

5. Winterize your garage

Winterize your garageSay Insurance recommends winterizing your garage to protect your floor and potentially lower your utility bill. Sealing your garage floor with a layer of epoxy, for example, makes it look sleek and clean, and it can protect the concrete from motor oil and other kinds of spills. Sealing your garage can add decades to the lifespan of the floor while turning it into your own personal showroom.

6. Rethink your garage space

While you’re in the garage, ask whether you could make better use of the room. Not only can a little organization make things easier to find, but it also protects your car and other valuables from a junk avalanche. To maximize the space you have, think about installing shelves and hooks as well as storage bins. If you’re handy and haven’t already, add a workbench to carve out some tinkering space for yourself.

7. Declutter

DeclutterOver the years, piles of junk will accumulate throughout your house. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, go room by room. Check the attic, basement, garage, and closets. Sort things into three piles: items to be trashed, donated, and put back in a more organized manner. If you’re struggling with whether or not to keep something, apply the Marie Kondo method: Ask yourself whether it brings you joy. If not, get rid of it.

8. Test and update your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Given how much more time you spend indoors in the winter, it’s essential to make sure you’re safe. Even if none of your smoke detectors are beeping to announce a dying battery, check to make sure they operate as they should. Naturally, be sure to swap out any faulty batteries or devices with working ones.

There’s always work to do around the house, and winter is the ideal time to do it. Spend the time to create a space you are proud of. When guests come by, you’ll be glad you did.

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