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A Beginners Guide to Pendant Lighting

Beginners Guide to Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is used in lots of different rooms in a building. It can change the aesthetic of a room, so before installing these lights in an office, bedroom, or kitchen, deciding where you are going to put it is vital.

There is a wide range of pendant lights available on the market nowadays, and many of them can add style and function to a room. They are often installed in kitchens or workplaces as they can be used for task lighting.

Pendant lights are fixtures that are attached to the ceiling of a room by either a metal rod, cord, or chain. Although a lot of people like to install pendant lights individually, they can also be installed in groups of two or more. When people shop for pendant lights, the factor that normally determines what light they purchase is its style. Once the consumer knows what style they want, the next big question is what size the light should be.

Tips for Installing Pendant Lights

Installing Pendant LightsChoosing what type of pendant lighting is a matter of personal preference, however, deciding on what size light you should purchase can prove challenging. Here are a few tips on how to what size light you should install:

  • Width: First, you must add the length and the width of the entire room together. Then, you must divide the total by 12 to find out the correct pendant width.
  • Height: You must measure the height of the room and then multiply the total by three, then divide the total by 12 to find out the proper height for a pendant height.

However, it may differ depending on where you are installing it. If the light is being installed in an area where people are going to have to walk underneath it, make sure there is at least 2.13m from the bottom of the light to the floor.

Although very few people install pendant lights above a bath, if you are, make sure it is 2.44m from the top of the bathtub to the bottom of the light. Most people prefer to use spotlights above a bathtub instead of pendant lighting.

Lots of people like to use pendant lighting over a dining table to help create a nice ambiance. However, if the lights are installed too low, it can cause a lot of issues. Make sure that there is at least 70cm from the bottom of the fixture to the top of the dining table.

Installing pendant lights above a kitchen island is very common these days. If installed properly, they can help you focus on the food that you are cooking, so it might be tempting to install the light as close to the kitchen island as possible. However, make sure that you install it at least ten inches above your head. Banging your head off the light while in the middle of preparing food will prove frustrating.

What are the Different Types of Pendant Lighting Available?

Pendant lighting can make a room look great. By installing a really good-looking pendant light into your home gives you the chance to increase the curb appeal of your house. Most of the modern lighting fixtures these days are manufactured using different high-quality materials. Some are made from plastic, metal, glass, and even timber.

When determining where your light should be installed, you must first understand that there are different types of pendant lights to choose from. A lot of folks who want to give their home a contemporary lighting design, often go for metal multi-arm lights. These are often made from copper, chrome, or brass. These lights are very similar to a chandelier. These are ideal if you want to install the light above a long or round table. Others prefer linear pendant lights which are normally long and thin. Pendant lights that have a shade are also very common nowadays. People often install these lights in a living room or above a dining table to give the room a dramatic effect. These Thai bamboo light shades are a very popular choice.

What you need to know Before Installing a Pendant Light above a Table

Pendant LightBoth linear lights and multi-light pendant lights can look amazing above an oval or rectangular table. For square or rounded shaped tables, a single pendant light or even a chandelier will work better in most homes. Before you purchase and install a pendant light above a table here are a few things you might want to think about first.

  • Sometimes, multiple pendant lights look great above a table. Check to see if there are small pendant lights available that can be lined across the table.
  • Most interior designers say that both the length and width are at least a foot shorter than the length of your table.

Before spending your hard-earned money on new lighting fixtures, it is key to do your measurements first.

Before buying a Pendant Light, think about how you are going to keep them Clean

With so many different designs out there, some pendant lights can prove very difficult to keep clean. If cleaning is a job that you don’t like doing on a regular basis, consider purchasing pendant lights with easy to reach surfaces. Some pendant lights tend to collect dust, so you will have to wipe them down now and again. You might need some cleaning products to make sure the job is done properly, however, most of the time you just need a soft cloth. Depending on the material, you might be able to use a vacuum cleaner, however, if it is made with metal, you’re best off using a soft cloth in case you damage the fixture.

Task Lights

extra lightOne of the main reasons people install pendant lights is to shine extra light in an area where they work. They are found in modern offices, where people use the light to illuminate a targeted area so they can focus on their work. Others use it above a kitchen island so it gives them extra light while they are cooking.

If you want to install these task lights, make sure you purchase a pendant light that aims directly in the area where you are working. There are plenty of fixtures available that aim the light downwards. If the light is too overpowering, consider installing a dimmer or changing the strength of the bulb.


If you have high ceilings in your home, one of the best ways of showing off is by installing pendant lights. Even if your ceilings are not that high, you can still install them as long as they don’t drop down too far. If you have the correct clearance, location, or placement and size for pendant lights it can make your home look incredible. It seems like more people are installing these fixtures more than ever before as it can create a modern, retro, or even a warm atmosphere.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, people all around the globe have had a lot more free time on their hands. This has encouraged a lot of people to start making renovations to their homes and workplaces. There has been a lot of demand for pendant lights over the last couple of years, so there are plenty of different fixtures on the market. Although some pendant lights can prove expensive, there are lots of affordable fixtures available too.

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