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5 Things to Understand About Your Home Air Filters


The air coming into your home is constantly pumped inside by your air systems, but the machinery has no way to tell the clean air from the dirty. The air around your home may contain any number of pathogens, contagions, dust, dirt, sand, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens and pollutants. The air systems will bring them all in without issue, but that is where air filters come in. Air filters are necessary to keeping the air in your home clean and clear of harmful airborne particles.

Your Air Filters Fit in a Variety of Systems

The air filters you purchase for your home are capable of being installed in a variety of different air systems to keep incoming airflow clean. However, the differences between the different filters is simply a change in where they go in your home. As long as the air filter is the correct size, it is capable of fitting into any air system you need. But there is a difference between the airflow that goes through your HVAC and furnace systems. These differences are less evident when air is coming in smoothly. But your air filters eventually become dirty and will start causing problems.

Air Filters Lose Their Effectiveness Over Time

Effective air filters are good. When your filters are effective, that means the air coming through is nice and clean. You do not have to worry about irritants or lowered indoor air quality in your home when the filters are working properly. However, the more effective your filters are, the more particles they capture and soon the amount begins to build up. The amount of particles eventually build to a point where air cannot go through the filters easily. The lack of airflow leads to dryness and stagnation throughout your home, while you air systems suffer from increased strain.

Dirty Air Filters Are a Problem That Only Grow Worse Over Time

When the air filters in your home become dirty, they only continue to grow dirtier over time as the captured particles continue to pile up. The ineffectual tools cause problems for their systems, which eventually grow and affect your home as a whole. Air systems become strained when they have to push airflow through the dirty air filters. When the systems become pushed too hard for too long, the resulting mechanical damage will lead to costly repairs. Your home energy billing will also increase over time as the systems continue to use additional electricity.

Air Filters for the Home are Best Kept Balanced


When you purchase new air filter for your home, your first instinct may be to buy the ones with the highest MERV rating.  MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, ratings show filter effectiveness, and higher rated filters clean out air more thoroughly. However, higher MERV rated filters have problems pushing airflow through and become dirtier at a much faster rate. Your home benefits from having more balanced filters installed. The best air filters keep air coming in naturally while still being cleaned.

Air Filter Maintenance is Simple and Easy

When you need new air filters then the steps, you need to follow for replacement, are easy enough to follow. The replacement filters you need are a specific size, which you will find printed on the cardboard edge of your old filters. After you know the kind of air filters you need, the new filters are usable upon arrival. Once installed, the filters will continue to work until they become dirty and the whole process starts over again.

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