5 Tips To Building A New Garden In Your Backyard

Outdoor Space

One’s backyard may contain a lot of space which can be put to good use. One way to do this is to build a garden which can provide you with vegetables which will help you save a lot of cash and spare any effort taken to buy vegetables at the store. If you require any equipment to help you get started you may contact John Deere Compact Track Loaders because they have a variety of stuff to choose from.

Select a suitable area


When building a new garden, analyze your entire backyard in order to select a suitable area that will favour the growth of your plants. For instance, check the orientation of the land. Ensure that the garden will have direct sunlight since plants require a lot of light in order for them to grow strong, upright and healthy. Choose an area that is flat for easier farming. Moreover, choose an area that is clear of other trees and plants as these may compete with your plants for nutrients and water. The tall trees may also hinder the plants from receiving enough sunlight.

Mark out the land

Once you have selected the area, mark out the land. This will help you understand the outline of the land and will enable you to identify what plants to place where. One easy way to mark out the garden area is through the use of a garden hose or a string. You can also use flour which will create a clear, visible outline of the marked area. You can also have fun with it and come up with interesting, fun shapes.

Get rid of the grass


Cut the grass up with a slasher or a lawn mower and pull up any weeds that may be in the garden. If the grass is really short, you can dig it up along with the soil and let it stay, since it will decompose due to lack of oxygen and sunlight. Once it has decomposed, it will create nutrients in the soil which will be good for the garden.

Dig the garden

After you have cleared up all the grass and weeds, then it is time to dig up the soil. Start from one end of the garden and work your way along mixing up the soil quite well as well as aerating it. As you dig, remove any rocks, pebbles and sticks from the soil. To add nutrients to the soil, add manure or fertilizer and incorporate it into the soil as you dig. This will make your garden very rich and your soil fertile which will aid the proper growth of your plants.

Add a fence


Close up the borders of your garden with a fence. This will keep away any animals such as bunnies which may eat up the plants in your garden. Afterwards, place your plants in the ground and place a thin layer of mulch. The mulch will help retain moisture and will also prevent the growth of weeds. Water your plants a lot in order to allow them to take root and regularly weed your garden.

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