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6 Great Home Improvements That Will Increase Energy Efficiency

Solar Panels

Energy efficiency has become more and more important nowadays. Aside from the fact that it will keep your heating bills down, energy efficient home improvements will also add more value to your house – as buyers often find it more appealing.

If you want to take steps to make your house more energy efficient, here are 6 great home improvements that would be a good idea:

Replace old doors

Older doors tend to be terrible for energy efficiency – particularly if they lead to the outside. Not only are older models that use hollow metal a big source of energy loss, but wear and tear or cracks can also exacerbate the problem. Nowadays there are many types of energy-efficient doors, so replacing your old doors with new and energy-efficient options is a good place to start.

Install energy-efficient windows

Just like doors, windows can be a source of energy loss – so replacing them with energy-efficient options should be next on your list. Typically it is best to choose wooden-framed windows that are tightly sealed and double glazed – but there are several other energy-efficient options out there too.

Make sure you use a high-efficiency water heater

It should come as no surprise that water heaters often make up a big proportion of the annual energy usage in any home – so switching out an old model with one that is more energy efficient will help a lot. It may even cut your total energy usage by 10% to 15%.

Seal any cracks or leaks

Cracks or leaks allow heat to escape and invariably end up driving up energy usage. While it may sound easy to seal any cracks or leaks that you find, you should make it a point to check your house thoroughly from time to time – including the attic, basement, or any other areas where cracks may otherwise go unnoticed. In some cases, if there is water damage, you may want to call in water damage contractors to help.

Insulate the roof and walls

Many houses aren’t properly insulated. While it may be difficult (or costly) to insulate walls, it is normally fairly easy to insulate a roof at very least. Other types of insulation can also help – such as by using thicker curtains to cover windows and prevent energy loss.

Consider using solar panels

Solar Panels

Depending on your location, installing solar panels could help to cover quite a decent chunk of your energy consumption. It can be a bit costly however, though some areas have programs that will help cut the cost significantly – so you should look into them.

Make no mistake as there are a lot of other measures and improvements that you can take to boost the energy efficiency of your house – but these six are a great place to start. By starting to carry out home improvement projects that boost your house’s energy efficiency, you’ll soon begin to see results with lower energy bills while doing your part for the environment.

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