Ideas that make your home more energy efficient

A house is considered to be energy efficient if it is not too drafty and has the capability of retaining heat for a longer period. The exterior portion of the home is often called ‘shell,’ which stops outside air from getting inside and inside air from going outside. Properly insulated home is efficient in this matter. For making your home more energy efficient, you should get the right sort of green gadgets and seal the home against outside draft.

 check for energy leakage at home and fix them

An energy efficient home saves electricity and reduces your monthly energy bills. There are simple methods that can help you transform your home into an energy efficient abode. You must learn the tricks and methods for making your home more energy efficient. In the following, some tips regarding this matter has been discussed for your benefit.

Find out the leaks and seal them

According to Neeeco’s Mass Save Home Energy Audit, The first and foremost rule for making house energy efficient is sealing the leaks through which the heat slips out of the rooms and draft comes inside. Air and water leakage can occur through many places but the most vulnerable areas are the door and window frames. Also seal the basement and attics properly to stop cold air from coming inside and making it more difficult to keep the rooms warm.

Upstairs insulation

The most plausible and effective way of preventing heat loss from inside your home is to insulate it properly. You should insulate the upstairs rooms with care because often they are responsible for energy loss and wastage of electricity in a passive manner. It may cost you money to insulate the entire house but in the long run it will work in your favor.

programmable thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat

You will get many modern thermostats in the market that are easy to handle and use. These new age thermostats can be programmed so that it follows a routine and turns down the heating system when you are not around. It will not let energy be wasted in any manner. You can also program them to heat the homes at higher temperature during only the coldest months.

We often forget to manually change the thermostat settings. Pre-programmed thermostats are great help for forgetful homeowners.

Check the water usage

You should keep close tab on the usage of water. Wasting water can lead to a hefty water bill and increases energy wastage. For example, if water heater does not have a timer then the water will consume more heat than necessary. Some people run the water heating machines for longer hours recklessly. Such habits should be changed in favor of a more energy efficient house.

 changing air conditioners filter

Don’t forget to change the air conditioner’s filter

If there is one gadget part which needs to be changed regularly then you should try the air conditioner’s filter. This is a routine maintenance job that must be conducted on a regular basis for getting good performance from the air conditioning system. Keep your heavy furniture at proper places to let the air from the machine flow freely.

Buy energy efficient appliances

There are home appliances that consume more than just a moderate amount of energy. A great example of this is the washing machine. Change your washing machine, refrigerator and other power consuming devices if they are old and buy some Energy Star appliances that will help you save energy.

 outdoor garden tree

Plant trees

A very easy and eco-friendly way of increasing the energy efficiency of your home is planting more trees outside the windows. This works well as the tough sunrays cannot get inside during the summer months and your home remains cooler.


There are several ways to make your living space more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Buy some energy efficient gadgets and insulate the home for best and lasting results.

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