7 best indoor play spaces for kids in America    

Twinkle Playspace in New York

Kids are known for their never-ending energy, constant want of play, and the opportunity to monkey around as much as they can. As much as they can have fun in their houses, they do look forward to the time when they would spend in a fully equipped play zone.

The best part about indoor play zones is that it not only keeps the kids busy, but also they can also enjoy them during any season without worrying about climatic conditions. While generally a play zone may be equipped with just a few basic games and activities, there are some that really stand out. Here is a list of indoor play spaces that you can take your child to when you are in America.

Exploratorium in Illinois

Exploratorium in Illinois

Image Source : skokieparks.org

If you happen to be in Skokie, Illinois with your kid, then you must stop at Exploratorium. Children can have fun learning while playing with the engineering station and Lite Brite pegboard. There is also a water play zone that is designed even for babies to use. Along with that, your child can also have fun dressing up in different costumes, thanks to the special dress- up area. You can also play hide and seek with your child through the endless network of tunnels and tubes.

Mt. Playmore in Texas

Image Source : mtplaymore.com

Located in Austin, Texas, the Mt. Playmore is an indoor gym that is massive. This gym spreads across a 3,000 SqFt of area and has a variety of shows for children. One such popular show is conducted on Wednesday where your child can get to know a lot about different kinds of reptiles and snakes. There are special seating arrangements for parents so that they can watch their little one play and run around. This massive gym really emphasizes the growth of the child in many ways, thanks to the different activities available there.

Splash Zone at Connecticut

Image Source : westchestermagazine.com

The Splash Zone. located in Stamford’s Chelsea Piers, is one of the best water-based play zone you can think of. Your kid can spend time sliding down the water slides as many times as he or she wants. This 6,000 Sq Ft water play zone has some of the best indoor water games. The only thing that you have to ensure is that for your child to ride the waterslide, he or she has to be at least 42” in height. For $2, you can also rent a towel if need be.

Twinkle Playspace in New York

Twinkle Playspace in New York

Image Source : twinkleplayspace.com

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Twinkle Playspace is a kids’ play zone that spreads on a 4500 sqft area with a variety of interactive, activity based, fun-filled play zone. This indoor play area also comes with a giant tree, net bridges, and even a firehouse. There is also a special sand and water play zone area located on different levels of the play zone. Your child can have a lot of fun with the different areas and activities of this play zone for as long as he or she wants. This play zone is perfect for children who are 6 years and below.

Sensory City in New York

Image Source : newyorkfamily.com

Sensory city is an ideal place if you want something that has a blend of physical as well as language, speech, or occupational therapy. Located at Long Island, this open play gym offers many activities for kids. From multi-level play area to swings, monkey bars, and rock-climbing wall – your child can have fun monkeying around.

The Art Farm in New York, NY

If you want your kid to be around different kinds of pets like guinea pigs, turtles, rabbits, lizards, and even chinchillas, then this indoor petting zoo is definitely worth visiting. This attraction is a must visit as your kid can learn a lot from here. He or she will also have a chance to take care of, feed, and pet any tiny critter.

Giggles N’ Hugs in Los Angeles

Image Source : streetregister.com

This play zone is not only happening, but also very entertaining. It also has a membership option, which comes with various perks, including unlimited visits to the play zone. What is best about Giggles N’ Hugs is that the entire family can have fun. It beats the normal concept of the restaurant with a play zone since it offers a lot more than just a regular playing area for kids.

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