7 Elegant napkin rings to make your fall table décor look classy

Decorating a table to match the theme of fall may seem like
it is super easy, but the fact remains that there is such a thing as theme overkill
and one CAN go overboard with fall-specific items when setting a table. A key
thing to remember with fall décor is that since you probably already would be
using a table linen in a fall color along with fall-themed centerpieces, it is
a better idea to keep napkin rings rather low key. Here are a few cool napkin
ring ideas for your fall-themed table décor.

1. Napkin rings with pine
cones and burlap

Burlap and pine cones make a great and rather unexpected
napkin ring baubles. Instead of breaking out the usual silver ones you may have
in your cutlery drawers, these cool natural fall themed napkin rings would be a
lot more refreshing.

2. Napkin rings with leaf

Leaf charms are quite effective at brightening up fall table
décor. They are also offered in a variety of color and sizes which makes coordinating
palettes very easy.

3. Napkin rings with
felt flowers

Since using real flowers in napkin rings is a little risky since
they wilt and disintegrate easily. But that is a nit risk you run when you use
flowers made of felt.

4. Rosemary napkin

To give your napkins an aromatic touch, you can always use
ones that use rosemary in their design.

5. Napkin rings with
a plaid bow

Plaids are not every one’s cup of tea. But if you are using
bold yet warm fall colors like burgundy and burnt orange, a plaid bow fashioned
in a color complementing the overall décor palette could be a great touch.

6. Napkin rings with
felt acorns

Acorns are a fall staple and if you cannot use the real ones
in your napkin rings, felt ones could be a good substitute.

7. Napkin rings with raffia
and rhinestone leaves

If you are looking for a little sparkle in your napkin
rings, ones with leaved fashioned out of rhinestone and raffia could be a
demure way to do so.

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