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7 Ways of increasing efficiency of your shower


We are all in love with a refreshing shower. It is one of the easiest ways to de-stress and also an essential in our daily lives. However the process of taking a shower is not always as uninterrupted as it ideally should be. The shower pressure tends to drop after a few years or usage and after that it is all but trickling water that is not strong enough to complete your shower process. So in this article we decided to inform you about some tips of increasing efficiency of your shower. These are among the best DIY tips which will give you the perfect showering experience that you crave for.

Some basic tips for increasing efficiency of your shower

  1. De-clog the shower head:De-clog the shower headWhen your shower was new the pores were never clogged and that reflected in the uninterrupted water flow you experienced. However with the passing of a few years the conditions change rapidly. A lot of minerals salts and dust and dirt settle on these pores clogging them so badly that increasing efficiency of your shower becomes a necessity. So take some time out and open up the showerhead.Clean up the pores and remove all the matter that managed to settle into the pores over a period of time. Ensure that you find the right equipments to do so because otherwise you would be faced with a situation where you managed to damage your shower. For best guidance, you can watch a video on how the unclogging process is done.
  2. Have the flow regulator removed: If you are finding it hard to increase water flow in your shower, this method can be applied for great results. The flow regulator is applied in the showers as per the government guidelines. This is done with an eye on the saving of precious water and avoiding its overuse. Power is also saved largely due to this regulation. But this regulation also means that you have to deal with a very slow flow of water. So for increasing efficiency of your shower, you can have this regulator removed and enjoy the uninterrupted flow of water without the guidelines to abide by. However, you can easily abide by the guidelines and look for other ways to improve the water flow conditions.
  3. Change the shower head:

    We suggested cleaning as the first measure but that might not be a viable option for all individuals. So to make things simple and fast you can go for a complete replacement of the shower head so that the flow is to your liking. This is among the easier ways to improve low water pressure and before you know it you will have the finest of showers in your bathroom with such little change. Just look for the ones with very high water pressure and your problems of slow water flow from the shower would be solved in a jiffy.
  4. Fix water leaks if that is the case: This is among the commonest DIY tips that you must know about in order to have an increasing efficiency of your shower. Often the case is as simple as this. There is a water leak somewhere in the showering system and that is what is drawing the water away from the showerhead. This is what is giving you the slow and hindered flow of water. If such is the case, inspect the system with care and spot the leakage. Till the time you address the leak there is no way that your shower will be fixed. Increase water flow by such easy means and enjoy uninterrupted showers.
  5. Remove the aerators in the shower:
    aerators in the shower
    Aerators are small components present in the shower and their job is to inject some air into the shower. It is a fine equipment to have in the shower and ensures that the users can experience the feeling of a wet shower. This is any day a more comforting and relaxing shower than the usual one. However the problem is that it affects the steady flow of the shower water at times. An easy solution then is to have this removed from the shower. Just remember while going about the task that all showers are differently made and the process of removal of the aerators too is different in each of them. It is best that you take the help of the manual and have a thorough knowledge of how to go about it before you actually start off removing it.
  6. Have a look at the main shut off valve: If nothing that you do seems to solve the poor flow of your shower then it is time to look at the main shut off valve. Often the things that you look for the hardest are found in the easiest of places and this could be one such thing. This valve is supposed to be completely open but that is often not the case. Make this simple adjustment and enjoy the fine results via a comfortable shower with good water flow.
  7. Access good quality plumbing:

    There are many cases when the shower flow problems are due to the poor plumbing system of the house and have nothing to do with the shower itself. Here increasing efficiency of your shower is not so easy. You have to first understand whether plumbing is to be blamed for the poor water pressure. Even when you do identify the problem it is unlikely that you will be able to address the problem yourself. Take help of a fine plumber and resolve the issue. You will not have a showering problem to complain about after this problem is adequately addressed.

Final words

Few things help us relax as much as a long comfortable shower. Use the tips that you just learned about to increase water flow and you will never again be bugged by the slow and hindered flow of water from your shower. It cannot possibly get easier than this when it comes to the criteria to improve low water pressure. So go on and implement these and thank us later after you are amazed with the results.