7 Ways to Save Electricity at Home. Save Electricity + Money

Save Electricity at Home

Electricity is the primary source of renewable energy used in many homes today. While the use of electricity has reduced our dependence on fossil energies to a great extent, electricity is mainly generated from fossil fuels.

Therefore, the use of electricity pollutes the environment by the end of the day.

Today, electrical appliances are used to do almost all home chores, including washing dishes and clothes, ironing clothes, cleaning the floor, among many others.

In this article, we will look into 7 ways to save electricity at home.

Ready to learn them? Here we go:

1. Adjust Light Use

compact-fluorescent-lampsSwitch off all bulbs that you are not using. Some people think that the energy consumed by a lamp is small. But the truth is, the cost might be higher after some time.

The type of lighting bulbs you use matters too. Bulbs like compact fluorescent lamps are useful in conserving energy. Although they are expensive, they last longer.

Also, in large halls and big rooms, it is advisable to use one big bulb instead of many.

2. Use Large Appliance Together

Appliances like machine washers and dry cleaners make the work easier, but they consume a lot of energy. Thus, it would help if you don’t use them daily.

For instance, instead of washing a few clothes every day, you can clean all of them during the weekends to reduce the number of times you use your device.

You should also avoid using hot water if not necessary. You use cold water in washing clothes and use the sun to dry them.

3. Maintain Your Insulation

Floor InsulationProper insulation in your house will ensure that little heat is lost during cold weather, and your home remains cool during hot weather.

Proper insulation will reduce the use of electricity to power heaters in winter and running fans during summer.

Maintaining or installing good insulation in your house is not a complicated task. You can hire a contractor or even do it yourself with many guides available online.

4. Plug out Devices When Not in Use

Many people think that when appliances are off and plugged in, they don’t consume electricity, but this is not the case. Devices like TVs and computers on a standby mode consume some energy even if they are off.

Ensure that all items that you are not using are plugged out or switched off on the wall socket. This may seem like saving little energy, but they can add up to a reasonable bundle of savings over a long period.

You can also switch off your Wi-Fi router when going to bed to save on your bill.

5. Manage Water Heaters

 Lower-the-Temperature-on-Your-Hot-Water-HeaterWater heaters consume a lot of electricity. They have coils inside that heat water very first to give instant hot water. You can cut on your bills by using water heaters wisely.

Learn to take cold showers during hot days or switching off the heaters when you are not using them.

6. Go for the Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that automatically regulates temperature depending on your preferred temperature. However, this device can trigger heat in the house even when you are not at home.

Find new programmable thermostats that you can set to switch itself on and off automatically at given times.

7. Power off Your Freezer Monthly

freezer uses a lot of energy to freeze A freezer uses a lot of energy to freeze foodstuff when there is a lot of ice build on it. The fridge uses a lot of energy to maintain the ice in its form.

Therefore, it is essential to defrost your fridge every month to reduce the amount of electricity consumed.

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