9 Best quick growing shade trees for backyard

a Weeping Willow tree

We all love the idea of a home amidst nature. For this you need the ideal backyard full of trees and other aspects of nature. It not only adds to the beauty of your house but also acts as a healthy living alternative with all the fresh air around you. The tricky part however is that there are too many trees and plants to choose from while you think of building your garden. You need to have the right combination for the best garden. So, here is the list of the best quick growing shade trees for backyard. Let there be shade and let the birds chirp their way merrily in your beautiful garden.

The list of quick growing shade trees for backyard

  1. Northern Catalpa:northern-catalpaThis is a plant that immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. With a fine display of white flowers coupled with broad heart shaped leaves this is just the right plant to beautify your garden. This is a favorite among the kids too and you can be sure that you would be making them happy with this hybrid popular. Its twisted branches and trunk only add to the beautiful look for this plant and it will certainly be a fine addition to your garden.
  2. Quaking Aspen: This is among the best quick growing shade trees for backyard because of its wide range of availability. It can grow on a large stretch of area which makes it so very popular. They are however not the most suitable for small yard as they grow to be really big. Almost a thousand years old, these plants have such a fine display of colors and ambience that it makes for a really pretty garden site.
  3. Hackberry:hackberryIn the world of pollution and water scarcity, it is just the right tree to have. Among the fastest growing plants, this tree does not require an overdoing of watering services. It has also shown a tendency to withstand pollution much better than other plants. With abilities to survive strong winds as well, this becomes one of the best choices to include in your garden. This hybrid popular is among the best shade trees you can have in your backyard.
  4. Red Sunset Maple: This is just the right beautification for your house and if you have a Red Sunset Maple, it is a given that your garden would be among the most beautiful in the neighborhood. This is because of the rich red color emitted by the Red Sunset Maple that gives it a wonderful look. It also leaves a pleasant smell in the garden and attracts a variety of birds that add to the ambience of your garden. If you are looking for shade trees, this is among the quick growing shade trees for backyard.
  5. Silver Maple:
    silver-mapleTrue to its name, this fine shade tree gives a silvery tinge to it every time the wind blows. This is because the leaves have a hint of silver to it. Needless to say that this adds to the good looks of your garden and is a must have if looks are your priority. Apart from this, it is regarded as one of the fastest growing shade trees around us and will provide you with a comfortable shade in your garden in no time. Just ensure that if you are planting this tree you have a lot of available space in your garden.
  6. Northern Red Oak: You want your shade trees to be hardy in nature. You want them to adapt quickly with the changing surroundings because when we are talking about shade trees we are thinking long term. The Northern Red Oak is just the right addition as it fits the bill in this regard due to its adaptability and hardy built. The cherry on the cake is the beautiful display of colors in the fall season that would leave one enchanted. If quick growing shade trees for backyard is what you are looking for and looks too matter in your garden, this is the tree to get.
  7. Pin oak:
    Pin-OakMuch like its other oak counterparts this tree too is good at adapting. It grows thus in a wide range or temperatures climate and soil. The wood quality of this tree is very good and the shade provided is really comfortable and enough to sustain your weekend picnics. This tree also presents a beautiful specimen of nature due to its looks and the added advantage is that it is free of almost all pests and insects that are known to attack plants.
  1. Hybrid poplar: They make the list of quick growing shade trees for backyard because these trees have one of the fastest yearly vertical growths among the shade trees. It provides a great shade in your garden and is also a great source of firewood due to the occasional broken branches. Clearly this is one of the must have trees of you are planning to have sustainable shade trees.
  2. Weeping willow:a Weeping Willow treeThis is one of the largest in the list of quick growing shade trees for backyard. Growing up to tall heights of 30 to 40 meters and also having similar width dimensions this is a beautiful giant tree. The gigantic size does no harm to the intrinsic beauty of this tree that is magnified by the fine display of yellow twigs and beautiful leaves. From birds to squirrels be sure that your garden will have a lot of visitors once you have this tree and you can enjoy to the fullest in the presence of this complete ecosystem.

Final words

All that you read about are the ideal contenders to be in your garden. These are among the fastest growing plants and if space is an issue for you these plants would cause no problems because they are suitable for small yard. Shade trees bring a lot of life and character in your garden and form an integral part which you cannot do without. So go ahead and have these fine trees light up your backyard.

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