How to send your fax from home if you have no fax machine

send your fax from home

Gone are the days when a person would need to find a fax machine to transmit a document. Through the help of phones and authentic apps, people can now send facsimile messages more easily than they would do couple of decades ago. Paired with a reliable internet connection, all a user has to do is select the document (i.e. image or PDF file) or simply take a photo of the document and everything is set.

Like most apps, consumers are reminded that these programs can either be free or paid. For most, the former is the preferred app although this will require research to figure out which is the best free online faxing service to get.

First-timers advised to initially try free services

For neophytes who will be trying online faxing services, the best way is to try out the free apps and offers. But as mentioned earlier, this would require one to do the necessary research to figure out which program is deemed best.

The best way is to browse the web for reviews or see what others are saying. Reviews are reliable although it would be best to see first what makes that particular one stand out above the rest. Also, it would be best to check multiple sites before deciding to make sure that this app is indeed reliable and something that will not waste your time.

Do take note that faxing services that require payment could be worth checking as well. Ideally, there are trial periods to choose from with some of the features more than likely to be disabled to entice folks to buy them in the end. Regardless, this expands the possible faxing applications one can consider and dependent on how often one would need this service.

Related to the ones discussed above is the comments or feedback left by clients. Their experience using the app will most likely be to return the good and bad side of using that particular facsimile service. Hence, aside from the reviews made on the service, these comments will factor in the decision-making of an end-user on what service to go for to make sure they get the right one.

What to expect when using online fax services for the first time

try free servicesAssuming that you have already decided on what online fax service app to use, there are basic things to do from there. One of them is document preparation which may come in the form of a PDF or photo as mentioned earlier on.

Aside from that, one has to set up an e-mail account that can send and receive faxes (assuming one has not created one or wants a separate mailbox other than their personal e-mail. It is highly advisable to have one mailbox dedicated to faxes.

Understanding the interface

Online fax service apps offer different types of interfaces although pretty easy to understand. The window normally consists of fields that include the recipient/s, the sender, destination fax number and the attachment part where documents can be hooked up. There is even an option to add a cover page which most may find similar to sending a standard electronic mail.

All a user has to do is key in the needed data on the fields. Once completed, the remaining step is the easiest – pressing send fax. The interface is really a no-brainer meaning that the only difficult part of it all is finding the appropriate service to avail.

Why is it an advantage over the traditional facsimile?

facsimileBy now, most should be pretty aware of the convenience that an online faxing service can give. It lessens the paper-trail and costs less when compared to the traditional practice – especially when one talks of transmitting messages overseas.

As far as security is concerned, most of the online faxing services make use of OpenSSL or some encryption system to make sure that data transferred is safe. The fact that it is an operation done by one person also addresses fears of other people, like co-employees seeing the actual document by accident.

For professionals who get the hang of it and eventually use it often, one can get a local number that will serve as their official fax number. So as one can see, anyone can become a virtual walking office from anywhere in the globe with these online faxing service applications with fewer worries on sending or receiving pertinent documents.

All the faxes and documents can be thus stored in one device. Furthermore, having them on a mobile phone or tablet means that they are organized; another benefit, when compared to the thermal or bond paper era which may either dilapidate or get lost, is that such documents make it easier for anyone to retrieve documents when one needs them for reference in certain scenarios.

The digital age has obviously opened up a lot of possibilities that have made life easier for professionals. While most can easily take photos or attach documents to e-mails, the fact remains that most are still using fax services to send out important documents and files related to a business’ daily operations.

Adapting to the digital age of sending and receiving fax messages may take time, something that will differ depending on how well-versed an individual is when it comes to understanding technology. Some will find it difficult to understand in the early goings although they are expected to understand it fully through repeated trials.

In summary, online fax services can make life easier for an individual, a group or homeowners. The first step is the most critical of all and this is selecting the right service to use. Free services are the best way to go for folks who are not yet fully convinced. Knowing the basics initially would be best before considering the other features one would need. The decision on that, if ever, would depend on the end-user if the basic elements of sending or receiving faxes are not enough.

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