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A Guide to Improve the Functionality of Your Home

Improve the Functionality of Your Home

If you’re like most people, there are one or more rooms in your house that you rarely use or spaces that could be put to better use. Since you’re paying or have paid a small fortune to buy your home, you may as well optimize your investment.

Recall the thrill you experienced when you first bought your home, then use this indelible memory to renew your interest in reclaiming the neglected spaces in your home.

There are probably ways you can improve the functionality of your home that you never considered. For example, you can get more value from your home by upgrading the attic, the garage, and the laundry room. You may also want to improve the storage capacity available in a few rooms.

The Attic


Even if you renovated your home in the past, you may have overlooked the attic. Perhaps it’s now a cramped and inaccessible storage room; one filled to the rafters, with paint cans, kitchen tiles, discarded rugs, broken furniture, and stacks of moldy clothes. Besides miscellaneous clutter, your attic may also have pests scurrying around.

Before you can turn your attic into a useful room with plenty of light and fresh air, you may want to decontaminate it first. Call a rodent clean up service to get rid of any vermin infestation. Who knows, once renovated, your attic may become your favorite room  —  perhaps a playroom for your children, a quiet den for reading, or a home office.

The Garage

Your garage is one of the most undervalued spaces in your home. Besides a place to park your car, it has the potential to be a multi-purpose room that you can use for anything from organizing all your sports gear for easy access, to a workbench for your craftwork. Think about all the things you could do to make better use of this space!

Your first step should be to clean out your garage. It, like your attic, may have stuff that should have been thrown away years ago. Your next step should be to envision ways to improve its functionality.

The Laundry Room

remodelling the laundry room

The laundry room is often tucked away in a basement, or relegated to serving as an all-purpose storage space. A poorly maintained laundry room can lead to stains on clothing, smells in the house, termite infestation in the walls, and a cluster of spider webs behind the washer and dryer. However, with a bit of effort, you can turn it into a space that is not only functional but also clean and attractive. Just a few small changes can make a huge difference, such as decontaminating it, installing larger windows, or adding stone counters and shelving.

Improve Storage

Most homeowners are pinched for space to store all their belongings. Some people even resort to turning a spare room into a junk room. One way to immediately improve storage is to declutter your entire house. Next, see where you can improve your home’s storage capacity by adding built-in shelves, cabinets, closets, and pantries.

Work Within a Budget

Woman holding dollar bills

When working on improving the functionality of your home, you need to have a home renovation budget. It will not only save you money but also ensure that all your projects go well.

If you have a hard time sticking to a budget when you’re renovating because you always come up with new ideas while going through the process of cleaning up your home, create a budget anyway. If you do have any brilliant ideas that don’t fit your budget just begin saving up and wait for a more opportune time to get to it. For instance, after cleaning up the attic and garage, you may not have enough money to renovate the laundry room. This doesn’t mean that you must forget about it entirely. You can add the new flooring or shelving that you envision later.

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