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A lean way to live a great life

Believe in yourself

All of us are leading a life following different trajectories but how we live matters most. Are we leading a fulfilling life or is it being shaped by external factors and circumstances?

Our mind spins around a number of objectives and events throughout the life that is impossible to keep track of. Amidst this, somewhere our ultimate objective gets lost. The continuous change in our environment is throwing our life into disarray and we are heading on towards future with lots of mental baggage and piling stress.

Let us imagine our own self as a gigantic universe enclosed within our physical entity. We just need to carve a life path out of it to lead a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

As a result, what we are seeing today?


  • 5% of global population is suffering from depression.
  • About 800,000 people commit suicide every year.
  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds.
  • 1 out of 4 people in the world would experience some sort of mental disorders at some point of life. Even CEOs at the helm of corporate sectors are subjected to depression.

When so much development is happening around us, then why such disturbing numbers are coming up?

One day, the news of the suicide of a doctor well-positioned in the society, one of my neighbors residing in a good environment left me shaken. It inspired me to come up with this TedxTalk, a small effort that may help in providing a vision of life to many.

We are allowing external stimuli affect our life in a big way:


While technology has enabled us to live a better quality of life, some way it has curbed our quest and efforts. We are gradually losing the essence of accomplishment. Societal pressure is also affecting our life in a big manner.

We are setting the benchmark of our life as decided by our societal peers. We are ignoring what we enjoy most. We are measuring the success of life from other’s perspective not from our own perspective.

The external factors are affecting our judgment to such an extent that we get confused! Ultimately, our life goal is decided by others not by us.

The beauty lies within -You need to carve a lean way:

carve a lean way

More you carry mental baggage, more you get distracted by external influence the more you get deviated from the purpose of your life. Each and every individual has immense potential that remains trapped under this baggage.

We accumulate so many unwanted things in our due course of life that unless we take serious efforts to remove the mental debris, we would not be able to get the feel of life in truest sense. Removing of the debris brings out the hidden beauty (read inner potential) just as a sculptor carves his model chiseling off the unwanted mass of stone.

It is the limited knowledge of our own self that impedes free blooming of our life. Over accumulation of unwanted things fail to enlighten our soul and we continue to dwell amidst negativity.

7 ways to carve your lean pathway for a happy, successful and meaningful life:

  • Know yourself:

Know yourself

How well do you know yourself? You are not just a mere physical entity. You have lot more in you which need to be unraveled. Be with yourself. Seek knowledge and information and enhance your observation power at the same time. You will find your own philosophy to lead a satisfied and meaningful life.

  • Believe in yourself:

Believe in yourself

Believe that you are a unique creation of nature to be loved and admired. Accept what you are and love yourself. This belief will help in growing your self-respect. You will earn respect from the society too.

  • Handle energy drainers:

Handle energy drainers

There are certain external factors that unknowingly drain your energy like continuous information bombarded from digital platforms or glossy ads displayed all around. They often make you feel inadequate distracting you from your objective. You start feeling low and depressed. Identify the energy drainers and learn to ignore these.

  • Grow self confidence:

self confidenceThis is the most important pre-requisite to carve a life of your own choice and desire. Else you would allow others to dictate your life. Identify your skills and abilities and work on them. Raise you benchmark as you build your abilities. This would automatically help you touch higher levels of confidence.

  • Self-mentoring:

Self-mentoringSince ancient times, mentors have guided millions of lives. In today’s perspective, self mentoring is the best policy. You can seek knowledge on any subject that you feel interested. This quest nourishes your thoughts. This continuous mental nourishment strengthens your analyzing power that would guide you to the right path of life.

  • Accumulate and contribute:

Accumulate and contribute Mere accumulation whether it is wealth or knowledge will not make your life fulfilling. Human beings who are always busy in accumulation and seldom think of giving back to the society.  Contributing to society gives a sense of fulfillment and you would value your life more.

  • Live harmoniously:


Live harmoniously

Among the million species existing on the earth, it is the human beings who manipulate the surroundings through endless accumulation. This disrupts the natural harmony. Grow the habit of preserving the natural harmony through your daily actions.

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