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A man builds his retirement home out of 31 Sea Containers

These days the southeast of Rimbey area is bearing testimony to the vision of a man, who is building his home from shipping containers. According to Bill Glennon, building a home out of 31 shipping containers is a practical thing to do. And, as we see him do this, I just couldn’t agree less with him. He already has 175000 Kg of containers set up and he utilizes the help of a crane contractor to put them up properly. He intends to build the house in three levels. However, at the moment there are only two levels, out of which the bottom level will be back-filled and used for storage. Upended containers are set up at the corners and the space in the middle is going to be utilized for building up the earth for a drive-up garage. The third level, which is still to come up is going to be on the top for the price of $5,000 square feet of living space.

Glennon having experience in carpentry, scaffolding, electronics and welding, and an interest in energy-efficient construction, thought of building the shipping container home when he lost his construction job in Fort McMurray. Glennon and his wife Roseann are also aiming for 100% off the grid, as they plan to install a windmill on one of the towers of the container home. And, I am sure this idea too is not far-fetched, as both husband and wife power their mobile home and lights in the container building with the help of solar panels.

The containers of the house are made of high-tensile steel and can bear any damage in case of a natural disaster. These are also coated to prevent rust and the man is also adding insulation of high quality to keep things warm. Each container that is being or is going to be utilized in the building, costs for $3,500, which includes shipping by semi-trailer truck up from Calgary. The final cost of the home is being estimated at $600,000. He started this project in last September and hopes to finish most of it by September. And, till that time, I take some inspiration from him and at the same time wish him all the best.

Via: Red Deer Advocate