Kraft Paper Softwall and other unique ideas for a room divider

Kraft Paper Softwall Room divider

Room dividers are one such thing that not only lends you privacy, but also renders your one hall house some functionality by defining the space. And, when it comes to choosing room dividers, the ones with paintings or artistic designs are rapidly becoming a popular choice. This popularity can be attributed to the home decor element being supplied with them in form of colorful designs. It not only works wonders to your home organizing, but also to the home decor. By scrolling down you will see some of the room dividers that are overflowing with colors and artistic expression

Kraft Paper Softwall

Kraft Paper Softwall Room dividerIf you are sharing your open loft and want some privacy without building permanent or immoveable partition, the Kraft Paper Softwall room divider; designed by Forsythe and Macallen for Molo is the one for you. It’s a beautiful, lightweight and freestanding wall that can be arranged into almost any shape and anywhere between 8 to 20 feet in length (2.5m-6m). The 6’ tall Kraft Paper Softwall is projected to be used as a stand alone partition; coz it doesn’t have end panels with magnetic connectors that are natural to the soft block system of components.

The natural brown colored softwall shown above is made of a heavyweight paper with long fibers thus, making it a highly robust and strong. Kraft Paper Softwall is heavier and stiffer than the other versions of softwall, and therefore it does not fold in half like paper and textile softwalls. It can be only be compressed flat for storage and transportation. Check more images in the gallery after jump.

Data Room Divider offers multiple alignment options

Room dividers are thought to be futile entities which are just used as partitions for your rooms. But I’ll show a new face of room dividers that will change your perception about them. The Data Room Divider from industrial designer Jessica Tarlecki gives a new elevation to the room divider, and also gives a novel meaning to them. What’s new about them? Well, the room divider offers multiple alignment options, and also offers display space for photos or other flat media. Inspired by the circuitry and dividing space, the divider offers you multiple options. Also easy to store, all you need is fold each panel on the other and the divider is ready for storage.

Inspiration: Creative fabric play

Egota305 residenceThe German-Japanese studio, Minkus Architects Tokyo designed an inimitable apartment that no walls instead curtains! Named, the Egota305 residence, it is designed with curtained room dividers. Curtains separate the kitchen, the new built-in wardrobe etc. Also, one of the curtains has fake window that’s backlit to give the illusion of another wall. Sneak a peek at the pictures of the residence below. Doesn’t it look like a fabric play-house.

Nextine Separatus: Contemporary Room Divider with a clock

There is no better way than adding a touch of wood to your homes to make them cozy, especially in places that witness fierce winters. Back in the 70’s, wood paneling was the most opted resort to keep away the winter chill, which meant having to cut down precious trees, creating long lasting ill effects on nature! Thus, we cannot go to the extreme of covering all the walls with wood, but use some of it in the form of room dividers. Nextime Separatusis a cool room divider crafted from dark wood and adorns a distinctive silver clock face on one side of it. The perfectly designed partition splits a large living area into two parts for better utilization of space, besides recreating a 70’s paneled effect.

DID-FS: Techie room dividers with embedded LCDs

DID-FSFolding screens as room dividers is not the latest trend in home decoration, but folding screens with LCDs indubitably adds a touch of style to your interiors. Daewoo’s finally given a tech overhaul to these partitions. The company unfolded DID-FS, a digital folding screen with four integrated LCD panels at the IFA show held in Berlin this week. Isn’t it cool to take your LCD to whichever room you wish to? Did I forget to tell you that each display has the ability to show different contents?

Mind-numbing Lace fence(ing) your indoors too

The word “fence” makes us think of outdoors, where we use these for protection of lawns, gardens and much more. The Lace Fence by Demakersvan is an amazing fencing design versatile enough to be used not just outdoors but indoors too. The mind-numbing versatility of the fence makes it one of a kind. It’s exclusively available in North America through droog. Use the customizable Lace Fence as staircase railings, room dividers, balcony railings and building facades, depending upon your choice and preferences. This promises to add to the liveliness of your place.

Savvy Decorista: Hand painted room dividers

Savvy Decorista Hand painted room dividersHand painted dividers can really perk up any room. Each divider is beautifully painted with a unique design and concept. These hand painted room dividers will make you reconsider your choice the next time you go in for shopping. Here ae a few ideas for you.

Plum Blossom Room Divider

With plum blossoms on large hand panted ink and water color silk screen, this divider wears the price tag of $67.

Chinese Style Room Divider

Chinese Style Room DividerDepicting a wonderful scene, this room divider also wears the price tag of $67.

Blossoming Tree Room divider

This room divider is crafted from silk covered paper and is glued over four side by side lacquered wood frames. It wears the price tag of $67.

Mountain Screen Room Divider

Mountain Screen Room DividerThis room divider is crafted from silk covered paper with large hand painted ink and silk screen.

Love Birds Theme Room Divider

This room divider comes with watercolor silk screen. Crafted from silk covered paper, it is glued over four side by side lacquered wood frames. It wears the price tag of $67.

Some more interesting ideas

Room divider with rotatable TV mounts

Room divider with rotatable TV mountsHaving a room divider with a rotatable TV mount; allows you to set up a living room as well as a bedroom with TV within the same space.

Divider with vanity and sink

If your large bedroom comes with a smallish bath; you can always use the extra space in your bedroom for a vanity and sink wall and create more space in your bathroom.

Metallic room divider

Metallic room dividerMetallic room dividers need to be fixed to the ceiling and roof; this is because they are better at creating a soft divide in a room.

Architectural see through divider

A good see through divider provides a room with a focal point from either side. It also serves has a privacy shield when needed.

Room divider with blinds

Room divider with blindsHaving blinds with your room dividers is great for room that get plenty of sunshine; as, they help users control the amount of light available in a space.

Adding shelves to your room divider

If you need extra display or shelving space in a room; a room divider with shelves would be perfect for you.

Curtained room divider 

Curtained room divider Curtained room dividers are also great at providing privacy to one part of the room without blocking light.


Back in the olden days when rooms were heavy on space and light on furniture; it was quite fashionable to have room dividers to separate the extra space into another smaller functional one. These days, having room divider in one’s home is less common though it isn’t unheard of. Whether you live in a home with an extra spacious bedroom or want to get more out of a large living room

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