A Quick Guide to Buying Stuff for Your First Condo

So you are looking to buy a condo? Fantastic! Condo living is very convenient – you’re close to everything and you have all the amenities you could possibly want.


Moreover, condos are also more affordable than single detached homes especially in cities where it’s a buyer’s market. For example, the prices of condos for sale in Montreal have dropped so now is definitely a good time to buy.


But while you can certainly save money in choosing a condo over a house, it’s easy to go overboard when shopping for home decors, appliances and housewares. Many new homeowners have gone this path and have regretted it afterwards. So to avoid making the same mistake, here is a list of things you don’t need in your new home:


  1. Fancy wine glasses1

Sure, expensive wine glasses look nice when displayed on your kitchen cabinet. But they will break. Why not just buy mason jars instead? They look a lot cooler and they’re much cheaper too.


  1. Fancy sheets2


Showrooms have all these fancy sheets that make you want to sleep on them. Luxurious patterns and high thread counts are great but they also cost a fortune. If this is your first time buying a home, then it’s not really a priority.


  1. A high-end blender3


You probably saw that Vitamix blender with touch screen technology and thought to yourself, “Wow this would be perfect for my kitchen. All my friends will be so jealous!” But before you go to the checkout counter, ask yourself – do you really need to spend $700 for a blender? There are blenders under $100 that work just fine.


  1. Luxury towels4


There are some really comfy towels from IKEA that only cost a few bucks. Buy a dozen. If you have extra money then you can always upgrade to fancy towels later on.


  1. A rug that costs over $200


Amazon sells fabulous rugs for around $100-$150. Why spend a hundred bucks more if your puppy is only going to pee on it? And even if you don’t have a pet at home, it’s still not practical to spend a fortune on an area rug when you can find some very beautiful ones that cost much less.


  1. An expensive couch


When you’re out shopping for a couch, it’s important to set a budget first. That’s because a lot of couches cost way too much money these days and if you’re not careful, you could end up splurging. For a first time homeowner, this is a big no-no. Stay away from high-end designer furniture because you can always find some good quality furniture for a lot less.


Oftentimes, first-time homeowners end up replacing whatever home décor items or furniture they buy after just a few months. Buy good quality, inexpensive items so that it will be easier to replace them later on.


What other items do you think should be included in this list? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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