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A robot that can mimic the human body


Hi guys, this is Kojiro and Kojiro, these are the people who might benefit from your services in the future. Awww! Look at his face, I think he really likes you guys. Well, to introduce him further, he is actually a humanoid that is being built by the University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory. And, you must be wondering what is so different about him? Well, the difference is that he is built in such a way that he has a musculoskeletal system that can mimic a human body. Working on a system of artificial bones, muscles and tendons, it is a lighter robot than the regular ones. The entire idea behind building this lighter robot is to make something that is easy to handle, i.e. more user friendly. The ability to mimic human means it has all the flexibility to do all the work we do, requiring flexibility, which other bots are not able to do. Currently, it is being worked upon, as such a creation is definitely a huge task to program. Check out the video here.

Via: Engadget