A rug that is made from shoelace

shoelace rug
Ok, so what according to you shoelace can be used for. Well, the immediate answer would be to keep your shoes in place. But, designer Nate Silverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh gives a new meaning to these shoelace and crafts them into Shoelace rugs. Its cool look will simply swipe off your feet from the floor, and also make a pretty comfortable rug to rest your feet on. Also the black and white combo simply looks great. The rugs also come in different color combination, but the black and white combo looks the best. For just $499, these rugs look visually appealing and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your décor.

shoelace rug1
shoelace rug2
shoelace rug3
shoelace rug4

Via: Bookofjoe

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