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Abisko Washbasin from Eumar : Inspiration to save water

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The Abisko Washbasin from the house of Eumar is something that you won’t find every now and then. The crazy design of this washbasin is sure to add fun to any bathroom. Inspired by the clear waterfalls of the Swedish National Park Abisko, the washbasin is designed to show the natural flow and importance of water in our lives. Unlike other sinks, the Abisko Washbasin, with its waterfall-like flow of water, inspires users to conserve water.

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What’s different?
It’s the design that makes the Abisko Washbasin stand apart from the crowd. The water from the tap flows freely down the curbed shape and goes to the drain grill in the floor. Thus, people get to know how much water they are using and they are motivated to use water very cautiously. Made from cast mineral marble, the washbasin is scratch proof and has antibacterial properties to ensure proper hygiene. It’s undeniably a new concept in bathroom fixtures and the best part is that it teaches us a noble lesson.
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