Add stripes to interior décor for an amped-up look

If you are on a lookout for adding some freshness and excitement to your home décor then do consider adding stripes this time. They are adept at adding extreme visual interest to a room décor be it the bold and bright, or thin and light stripes you choose. Here we are with some tips and suggestions that will help you add ideal stripe décor to your rooms:

Knowing the stripe types well

To choose a stripe pattern for your room decoration, you ought to know what all types are available:

  • Bold Stripes

Bold Stripes

Bold stripes should be your choice if you are planning to bring in some drama to the interior decoration of the rooms. Wide and bold stripes have a powerful presence so be cautious while choosing color combinations. You can choose contrasting color tones or pick stripes in same color hues. Contrasting color scheme would draw major attention and the softer color scheme creates a softer appeal. You ought to keep the rest of interior decoration theme in mind while choosing colors.

  • Subtle Stripes

Subtle Stripes

Subtle stripes serve the purpose well when you want to create a subtle drama in your interior decoration. You can go for thin stripes filled with pastel colors, and use varieties of one color in every stripe. You can minimize the number of stripes or their size if you do not want them to have an overpowering impact on the rest of the décor.

  • Vertical or horizontal stripes


You can add vertical or horizontal stripes to a room décor depending upon the size of your room. If yours is a small room, you can go for horizontal stripes on walls that will make it look spacious and wide. If the ceiling is not that tall, paint your walls with vertical stripes and see how they create an illusion of a taller room.

Tips to choose the ideal striping effect

ideal striping effect

Different types of stripes bring in a different effect in an interior décor, and not all stripe patterns go well with every interior decoration style. Moreover, you cannot pick everything from wall paint, rugs, and curtains in stripes because it will give your room a messy appearance. You must decide where and what stripe pattern is required, and here are some tips that can help you make an ideal striping decision:

  • Striped wallpaper makes a room appear wide and tall

Striped wallpaper

Not just wallpaper but this tip goes for wall paint as well. If your room does not have a high ceiling, you can disguise this shortcoming by installing wallpaper with vertical stripes. You think your room lacks adequate width; go for the one with horizontal stripes.

  • Striped blinds or curtains for a small window

Striped blinds

You so wish your small sized windows were big but they are not. This situation calls for a smart solution and what better could it be than to hang a blind or a curtain with vertical stripes on it. Use a curtain with a light fabric and smart vertical stripes, as they visually lengthen a window.

  • Carpets and rugs with stripes

rugs with stripes

Striped carpets and rugs play the role of disguising a room’s dimension flaws just as wallpapers do. Carpets with horizontal stripes widen the room visually; ones with the vertical stripes especially on the staircase help make a room appear tall and big.

  • Fabrics and striped upholstery


Yet another solution that takes away room dimension flaws is to place furniture dressed up in striped upholstery. They make a piece of furniture a focal point, thus, taking away attention from all the flaws. You must try to incorporate stripes with the accessories with spotted and floral patterns, as it looks surreal.

Stripes enable us bring the required drama, excitement and fun to a boring room décor. Depending upon the size of the room, effect of stripes, and one’s taste, people make a choice between bold and delicate stripes.

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