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AdNArt Glass Water Bottle makes water less boring

When was the last time you had a sip of water and thought it
was too “boring” for you? Sure we have things like sparkling water which is
basically mildly flavored water with a hint of soda in it but many people don’t
like the sparkling bit and juice is just too highly flavored to quench some people’s
thirst. If you are one of those people that believe something as basic as water
should also be exciting then you’d love this nifty little invention called the Glass
Water Bottle with Fruit Iceball Maker by AdNArt.

The invention is basically designed to add a hint of fresh fruit
flavor to your regular drinking water. The glass water bottle comes with what
its manufacturers claim is an innovative fruit ice ball maker.

What this ice ball maker does is create a massive ball of
ice with your favorite fruit frozen right in the middle of it. To use, you need
to place a fruit of your choice in the ice ball maker, add water to it and then
freeze the whole thing.

Then, whenever you want to sip flavored water, you simply
need to fill the 20 ounce water bottle with water and add the fruit frozen
inside the ice to the water and drink.

You can use fruits like apple, cucumbers, strawberries,
limes and lemons into the fruit ice maker and enjoy a refreshingly subtle
flavor while drinking the recommended amount of water each day.

To maximize the flavor, you should chop the fruit up into
chunks before adding it to the ice ball maker or you’d end up with a water bottle
with frozen fruit inside and no flavor to make it less boring. The water bottle
and silicone ice ball maker are 100% BPA free and can be cleaned in the
dishwasher with ease. The AdNArt Glass Water Bottle retails for just $26.