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Seven air purifier concepts to keep your home germfree

Air purifier concepts

Air purifiers decontaminate the air, and people suffering from asthma and allergy find these purifiers helpful. They also reduce the effects of second hand smoke which is a major cause of death. There are stand alone units and large units as well. The methods used in purifiers are ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, filter (HEPA), activated carbon, polarized media electronic air cleanser, photo catalytic oxidation (PCO), ionizer purifiers, liquid ionizer, ozone generator and titanium dioxide. Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and dust mite feces act as allergy triggers. Bad air can cause diseases, COPD and other infections. Air purifiers remove these and thus helps create a healthy atmosphere within the house or industry.

There are increasing incidents of allergy cases where the home itself becomes a breeding ground of germs and dust. Dust is produced by the particles emitted from the appliances used in the rooms more than ever before. Children also bring in dust. The climate conditions and changing weather adds to the inconvenience of asthma patients. The dust and particles prove to be fatal to asthma patients who find it difficult to breathe within the house. The furniture and clothing like curtain cloths also increase dust in the room. Air purifiers help to reduce the dust and provide a clean and dust free home or industry. The designs explained below are the best in the industry and have won awards also. The practicality and added features like media viewing makes them attractive too.

1. Twilight Air Purifier Concept

Twilight Air Purifier concept

A complete package, the Twilight acts double as a media viewer also. It allows a person to stream videos and images across its OLED sheet surface. This model has won the Whirlpool Inova award. It is based on future technology. It was created by Brazilian industrial design students.

2. Window Sliding Air Purifier

Window Sliding Air Purifier

As the name suggests, the air purifier looks like a window. This air window has a transparent LCD which becomes dark on sensing bad air quality. The air purifier is turned on by sliding the window open. After that it starts the cleaning process. The flying fish is a wind chime which indicates serenity or tranquility.

3. O2 Air Purifier Concept

O2 Air Purifier Concept

O2 is a new green concept in air purifiers. O2 uses plants to clean the air. The plant pot should be kept on O2. The plant should be watered. The device collects the water drops and prompts the plant’s transportation process. The plant will generate more oxygen and this will help clean the air in a natural way. The flower’s capacity to bloom is also increased and the room will be thus filled with natural fragrance.

4. Andrea Air purifier Concept By Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards

Andrea Air Purifier Concept

Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards have designed the Andrea. They have used the ‘Bel-Air’ concept design as the green lung air purifier. This air purifier cleans the air by filtering the air and capturing toxic particles. The leaves and the roots of the plant works in turn. The plants best suited for this device are Peace Lily, red edged dragon tree, spider plant and Aloe Vera.

5. GreenAir ecological air purifier concept


Green air purifies the air using ecological concept. it uses living plants to purify the air. There is a solar panel at the root region. A fan helps to pull the polluted air to the root region and purifies it. The contaminants are absorbed by the leaves and roots of the plant. Plants generally clean the indoor area during the daytime.

6. Nuvola Air Purifier

Nuvola Air Purifier

Nuvola was designed by Yama Klimava, a Canadian designer. It is shaped like a cloud and attached to the ceiling of a room. It can be operated with the help of a remote control. There are lights attached to this purifier, so there is no need for separate lighting in the room. This device can increase or decrease the light intensity and turn the purifier on or off. All parts of the room are accessed by this purifier. The filter change indicator blinks when it is time to change. Overall, it is a very practical air purifier.

7. Daan Air purifier

Daan Air Purifier

Daan in Korean means unit or column. It is a single unit. There are three smaller units inside the system. It can be easily transported between rooms. The outer covering of fabric and aluminum gives it a special look. The special feature is the mood lighting functions which gives a special ambiance and can be used for special dinner nights.