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All You Need To Know Before Shopping For Blackout Curtains


Often people find it difficult to sleep unless their room is in complete darkness. This becomes quite difficult if the street you are living in has a strong street light, or you may work night hours and need to catch up on sleep during daylight; the sunlight streaming in through your windows would make it impossible.

In such difficult situations, blackout or blockout curtains come to the rescue. They are made for the sole purpose of blocking out light entirely, to provide you with absolute darkness, as well as complete privacy. But, there are certain things that you need to know before purchasing pimendavad kardinad.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing



1. Effective blocking of light

Just because the product name reads as blackout curtains do not guarantee its authenticity. It is important to examine the product carefully and then conclude whether it is true to what is said on the label.

2. Fabric type

Blackout curtains have multiple options of designs for you to choose from. The material that they are made up of also differs. It ranges from polyester to cotton. Along with designs and fabrics, many different textures are also available.

You are bound to find something of your choice to match the decor of your room.

3. Design type

Rod pocket, grommet, pinch pleat, and tailored pleat are some of the popular designs, among which rod pocket and grommet are the most bought.

The pleats in the grommet design are thicker than the ones in the rod pocket ones. But their sizes may differ depending on your purchase. Thus, choose a curtain according to the type of design that you want for your room decor.

4. Reviews

Most customers leave a review after buying a particular product. Make sure to go through the reviews to have an idea about the product you are going to buy. The negative reviews are also important because they would help you become aware of the things that you should look out for and the ones you should avoid.

5. Pricings

The prices of blackout curtains depend on many factors. But, mostly they fall in the range of 30-50 dollars. They may be made up of linen or velvet due to which there will be a difference in the price.

If your budget is tight and you are looking for cheap blackout curtains but of good quality, then polyester is the material that you should go for. Velvet or cotton-made blackout curtains are more expensive.

The benefit of using blackout curtains



The body produces a hormone known as melatonin which is responsible for helping the body relax so that it gradually falls into a deep slumber.

The production of this hormone is facilitated by the absence of light. Otherwise, low melatonin may result in inadequate or broken sleep. This will have repercussions on your health, body, as well as your place of work.

Thus, blackout curtains become a good choice considering everything. It enhances the quality and duration of your sleep, thus, providing you with the rest that your body deserves.

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