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Alternative uses for salt in and around your home

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Salt is one of the most important ingredients of our daily life. Imagine, life without salt, boring it will be and there will be definitely more divorces (salt is the juice of life and gives us more patience to tolerate each other). Well, jokes apart, you use salt in food, but there are millions of such uses of salt that you must have never thought of, even in your wildest dreams. Ok, now you don’t believe me? Fine, just jump on and you will learn to trust me.

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• Kill the poison ivy
If you apply a solution made of 3 pounds of salt and a gallon of soapy water to the leaves and stem of ivy plant, it will whither away.

• Get rid of the weeds
All you have to do is, mix 1 quart of boiling water with 2 tablespoons of water and 5 tablespoons of vinegar. When done, pour it onto weeds in the cracks on the sideways.

• Keep away the ants
Sprinkling ordinary salt in the ant infested area will keep them away.

• Control the cabbage-worms
If you are an avid gardener, then you definitely know the pain I am talking about. These worms attack garden cabbages and all, so to control them dust the leaves with mixture of 1 cup flour and ½ cup of salt, your work will be done. But, remember to do it at the time when the leaves are wet with dew.

• Soak the oil
In case you have spilled some oil on the garage floor, then to make the cleaning easier, just sprinkle salt on the affected area. Wait for 15 minutes before the oil soaks up all the oil, now you can begin cleaning.

• Avoid frosted car windows
For this mix two cups of water with two tablespoons of salt and then rub the windows with the mixture in the evening.

• Polish your lamp
If you polish your old kerosene lamp with salt, it will be left with a brighter look.

• Clean greasy pans
Use paper towel to clean the greasy pans with salt.

• Cook eggs
Just add a pinch of salt to the water while you are cooking eggs, it will boil faster.

• Keep the milk fresh
If a pinch of salt is added to the milk, it will stay fresh.

• Improve your cocoa
Just a pinch of slat will improve the flavor of cocoa.

• Save your wicker furniture
To prevent yellowing of your wicker furniture, rub it with slat water.

• Protect the color of your clothes
Fabrics washed in salty water hold their colors well.

• Remove dirt from leafy vegetables
Washing green leafy vegetables like spinach in bath of salt water removes the dirt faster.

• Remove red wine stains
All you have to do is, stretch the affected fabric over the bowl, cover the stain with salt and then carefully pour boiling water over it.

• Keep the chicken moist
Before cooking the turkey or the chicken, rub some salt in the cavity.

• Clean drains
To clean the drains, pour hot and strong solution of salt and water down the drain. Remember to add ½ cup salt to every quart of water.

• Fire safety
Salt can come in very handy in case of small fire. You can pour common household salt on kitchen fire to extinguish it.