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Humans today are digitizing everything. Full digital worlds are now a norm of the day, then why leave the modest wall clock behind. Gone are the days when a cuckoo bird jumped out and the whole house resonated with its sound. The LED lit displays have taken over the mantle, and why not? The displays occupy less space, and look straight out of a star wars or a Tron movie. The digital world is the future, and the future starts in your living room. Here are some of the most unique digital wall clocks you can consider for your home.

The Big Time digital wall clocks

Go red is the theme of this big wall clock which will give your room a nice techy look. The clock is humungous and can compete with your LED TV’s in terms of size. The background shows the solder traces on the PCB. The size is pretty large, 100cm x 50cm. About the size of a 37 inch LCD. If you want to hang something and having trouble deciding, then this clock is a neat idea.

What’s unique?

Surely the size.

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LaCrosse Technology atomic digital wall clocks

Atomic clocks are one of the most accurate clocks. This clock sets itself by the signals sent by the US atomic clock which is said to be one of the most accurate clocks in the world. Measuring 8.95″ L x 1.2″ W x 7.2″ H, it can display time (of course!) with seconds, date, day, and indoor temperature. The design is sophisticated with a black finish. It automatically sets itself to daylight savings. It has a 12/24 hour mode.

What’s unique?

Precision and accuracy of the clock.

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Huge Display digital wall clocks by Cason

The C01B wall clock from Cason measures at 14.25’’ width by 8.75’’ height. The clock has a accurate quartz moment. It features a silver colored case with a semi-metallic finish with a gray back. The hours and minutes digits are 4 inches tall. Calendar is fed from years 2000 to 2049. The clock is powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries. The clock displays indoor temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It weighs at 1.4 kg’s. It also has a back panel for placing on a table.

What’s unique?

The big display and the accuracy of the clock.

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Digital Wall Clock with Calendar and Thermometer

This wall clock is an amazing choice for your office. With it’s simple and classy feel, it is the perfect wall decor for your meetings. With accurate timing, this silver colored clock is easy to read cause of its large size and excellent print area. It displays time, day, date, month, and even comes loaded with a calendar and temperature display.

What’s unique?

Its simplicity.

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LCD digital wall clocks

If you want a clock that has features and low on cost, then this is the one for you. Although the price is not given, but the fact that it’s Chinese makes you think along the lines that the price will not be an issue and you can even get a good bargain. It measures 240 x 160 x 25mm and comes in two colors – Silver and blue. With a LCD display, it will surely make time a great thing to look at. You may waste time just by looking at the time!

What’s unique?

Great features like calendar and temperature.

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Digital Atomic digital wall clocks

Atomic clocks are very costly, some may cost over $ 50,000. Very few people have the luxury of spending this much. But lower cost atomic clocks can be bought which update themselves through a signal sent by the National Institute of Standards and Technology with a range of 2000 miles. Your clock will surely display the correct time.

What’s unique?

This clock not only shows the indoor temperature, but also shows the moon phase.

Lexon Status digital wall clocks

This clock has one information panel on which everything is displayed. If you are a person who is always in a rush, then you have found a perfect foil. A large LCD screen on which time, day, date, month and even the weather forecast is displayed, so that you are ready to face the day. It is designed to be used as a wall clock, but it can also be used as a mantle or console table. It runs on batteries.

What’s Unique?

The information at once is surely a great thing for this watch.

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Galatea Digital Radio Controlled digital wall clocks

Acctim 74187 short for accurate time updates through radio signals transmitted from Cumbria and is accurate to within 1 second in 1000 years. It is radio controlled for split second accuracy, a calendar, crescendo alarm, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature so that you know what to expect when you step outside. The design is sleek and the clock is perfect to hang on the wall and admire.

What’s unique?

The design is great, and the accuracy is a high point.

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Citizen’s flexible e-ink digital wall clocks

Want your company to always show the correct time, not just to your employees but even to people who are walking in the street? Install this clock on your building and ensure that people are always aware of the it. Citizen has rolled out a flexible digital clock which measures 21 inches by 52 inches, which can even wrap around corner walls. The battery life is said to be 20 times longer than average digital clocks.

What’s unique?

Its flexibility.

Chaney Instruments Thor Large Display Alarm Clock


This is your everyday clock with a large 2 inch display to be read easily. The set and forget technology updates itself for synchronization with daylight savings. It displays correct time from the moment the clock is plugged in, or you can also install batteries.

What’s unique?

Very cheap and gives accurate time.

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Art du Temps Wall Clock

This sleek looking Swiss-made wall clock called the Art du Temps is not digital at all, despite its looks. Created by Illi, the wall clock is purely mechanical wherein all those little blocks present on the board move around to create a space displaying the time. The cool factor about this clock makes it look like a concept, but apparently, it will be offered to people who are willing to buy the Art du Temps at a price of 90,000 Swiss Francs (approx. US$93,000).

Mirror Radiator with digital clock – the One from Tubor

This snazzy looking digital clock is a futuristic radiator, combining several simple items into one defining unit called as the One. This model is so sleek that it is ideal for an entrance, any place in the bedroom or in the house. The One is definitely a visual delight, not only providing you with the time but also playing the role of a mirror for those last-minute check ups. Apart from this trendy outlook the One has a back-lit monolithic block which serves the purpose that of a night lamp, when needed. And surprisingly behind the stainless steel facade of the clock is either an electric or water radiator hidden. Designed by No Picnic, the One blends the multiple functions into one seamless unit taking up half the space. The best about the mirror radiator is that it is available in two sizes with various coloured lights.

E8 Digital Clock – Modern Time Telling with Luminous Squares

There may be many abstract design based digital clocks in the market, but this one here uses a very simple means to convey the time, without much compromising and with ease. A method which doesn’t require one to learn cryptology to interpret the time. To convey the time the E8 Digital Clock utilizes a series of luminous squares wherein the first two columns represent the hour while the second two columns represent the minutes – therefore just simply add them together and you get your time!

The E8 Digital Clock is available in either a red or a white display. Manufactured from glass and ABS, the clock measures about 21(H) x 14.8(W) x 2.1(D) and is priced at £107 / $209 / €144.

Fruit Powered Clock

The Fruit Powered Clock uses the tried and tested Voltaic Pile or electrical storage battery concept, founded by a Physics professor Alessandro Volta at the University of Pavia in Italy back in 1745-1827 by using the method of a leather disk soaked in a mild acid solution of lemon juice between copper and zinc disks.

This fruit powered digital clock and calendar combines the micro-electronic technology with that of a natural electrical potential from a fresh fruit or vegetable. By just adding a fresh lemon, apple, lime, orange, pear, banana, or any another convenient fruit or vegetable to the supplied components given in the kit, you can replicate Volta’s experiment, by using the perfect synthesis of nature’s own electrical power resource and the accuracy of a digital clock. The price tags of fruit powered digital clocks and calendar ranges from $12.95 to $19.99 each.


Jim Termeer’s Candletime is exceptionally a beautiful piece of art and environment packed together. A layperson would appreciate the design and idea behind the model. The Candletime is a set of hexagonal gold candle-holders that are set up in a pattern to mimic a giant digital time display. The best part about this setup is that it requires one to change the position of the candle holders in order to ‘update’ the time. But the idea of using 22 golden candle-holders to create a giant LCD display is really amazing! Since the candle-holders are supposedly made of gold, this clock could be very expensive.

LCD Clock Adds a Digital Touch to Old-Fashioned Film

This is an LCD clock in the old fashioned film-shaped reel form. It will especially click with the many die-hard fans of old-fashioned film reels that have become so rare today with the onset of digital photography.

Directors Edition Digital Alarm clock

This is a unique design which will especially interest those aspiring directors, actors and movie freaks who love to be constantly reminded of their goals and aim. And for those who just want to funk up their time speaking devices with a ‘cool’ cut, the Directors’ Edition Digital Alarm clock is made in order to resemble a clapperboard selling for $36.

Digital Puzzle Alarm Clock

This “eye opener” of a gadget, is an alarm clock come 3-piece jigsaw puzzle all in one. It is a great way to begin one’s morning for all those puzzle lovers who can now, not only wake up to ringing melody but will also have to solve a puzzle to stop the alarm. This one is definitely a fun piece of gadget to have in your geeky home.

Wooden Speakers Has A Built In Digital Clock

This sweet design has a wooden speaker with a built-in digital clock made by a Japanese company called Evergreen. There are two versions of this clock available in the market: the DN-WSP1802 is the cool double speaker model, while the DN-WSP1406 is a one unit only. The sad part is that, it is only available in Japan at the moment.