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An amusing 13-legged ‘Florence Table’ by Yvette Cox

Florence Table by Yvette Cox

I’m not a fan of tables that have any more or any less than the four mandatory legs. But creations like this 13-legged Florence Table do amuse me a lot. Created by designer Yvette Cox, the table’s multiple legs are handcrafted via a meticulous steam bending process that allows the wood to bend into the correct shape without losing much of its tensile strength. The legs, which frankly look like ribbon-cut pasta suspended deliciously from the straight slat Ash top, give the table the semblance of floating above the ground, ever so delicately.

Decorative Florence coffee table

The neutral, organic aesthetics of the table underline the sculptural force behind the concept without compromising on the functionality of the design. The handcrafted table basks in the femininity of the light colored wood while the boarding-like top makes it look like a sturdy picnic table. It is this contrast between the feminine and the masculine that reaches a culmination in the seemingly supple legs that make the table look like a sculptural installation worthy of both fashionable hotel lobbies and uptown homes alike.

Via The Design Home / Moco Loco