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Anglepoise Lamps- auctioning on ebay

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A long, long time ago we had the trains that ran on steam engines and the cars that blew whistles. We also had coal mines and Iron & Steel plants. Those years were towards the end of the Industrial age. Britain was the nation which kick started the Industrial revolution not only in England but in all its colonies. The Industrial age lasted till the beginning of the 20th century and people used the funny yet pretty looking table lamps to read at night. One such famous one was the Anglepoise Lamp. Now you know what we are getting at.

Anglepoise vintage lamps are known for their old world charm and bring back the memories of a bygone era. These lamps are manufactured by a family and have made the Anglepoise lamps since 1930’s. These articulating lamps are in fact very expensive and cost $500 and more. A quaint study lamp like this one is so hard to find in this age of neon lights. It gives an industrial age look to your otherwise modern room and would definitely make your friends curious. An old Anglepoise is being auctioned on ebay. Don’t miss the funny Anglepoise Lamp video.

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