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Applique-The magical wall lights!

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Dreaming of creating a magic in your room? Wall lights from Semeur d’étoiles brightens up your room and makes it magical. Dubbed as ‘Applique’, the one-of-its-kind wall lights are covered with stars. Now, let‘me tell you these stars are nothing but LEDs. The remarkable feature of the wall lights is that the LEDs are connected by pining them freely anywhere on the surface. Isn’t it something different from your ordinary lights? Certainly it is. You can adjust the quantity of light and choose the pattern as per your choice. All you need is to pin up the LED on the wall surface and there you have the light of your choice. Available in different size, shape and color, the wall lights are versatile and easy to install. The astounding lights create a magical and peaceful atmosphere in your living room, corridor, as well as bedroom and at the same time enhance your living space.

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