Apps and emails aside, working at home not a good idea, says Google

Working from home is a trend that is becoming quite popular these days due to the many benefits it extends. However, Google has an altogether different outlook about work from home. It says that working from home or even tele working restricts the mind from generating new ideas. The home is not exactly the best spot to think freely and get new advanced ideas. This statement by Google has surprised one and all as this is the company that introduced the email that can be accessed from anywhere in the entire world and it also extended wonderful apps that the workers can utilize to work from home.


Google encouraged many firms to purchase these apps so that they can allow their workers to avail the opportunity to work from home. The question that pops up the most in front of Google is that exactly how many people utilize Google services to telecommute. Patrick who happens to be the chief financial officer at Google was recently visiting an office of Google when he shared what Google really thinks about work from home. He said that when a person works from he gets isolated from all the other people working at the office.

If there are benefits of working from home then there are perks associated with working in office as well for example the feeling and fun of sharing meals with colleagues is only available while you work in office. There are many other things that can only be done when one is working in office with other people. An office atmosphere is very good for the generation of new ideas in the mind and you can obviously get other view points on the same as well.


Working in an office is not only helpful to the company but it also helps the employee to grow on many levels. Companies from across the globe are making arrangements so that their employees can avail the benefits of working from home. Prime Minister, Julia Gillard made an official commitment last year that almost twelve per cent of people working for Australian Public Service will regularly work from home by the year 2020. Other governments too are taking steps in the same direction so that the people can enjoy the luxury to work from home. Google however has some different viewpoints regarding the same.

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