Elia Felices uses holographic effect to make backlit bathroom mirrors look ethreal

The contemporary style of interior décor may seem like the next logical step in the evolution of design over time, but it does present us with one notable drawback- the sheer amount of design choices available to decorators at the moment makes it near impossible to make them present a single style as one that would be definitive of the era on its own. However, the creative geniuses at Elia Felices Interior Design have come up with a way to overcome that little challenge and have create a new concept of interior décor that would change the way we see interior decor once and for all.


Backlit bathroom mirrorsBacklit bathroom mirrors

Using a combination of holographic effects and glass decorative elements, the designers at the agency have been able to create a new kind of backlighting concept for spaces like homes, bathrooms, spas, hotels and even commercial areas. The design is focused on being a background companion to main décor elements such as bathroom vanities though the artsy effect it ultimately produces assuredly places it at the forefront of one’s view.


Backlit bathroom mirrorsBacklit bathroom mirrors

With the utmost precision, a marker used to traced different designs onto the glass element at the front. LEDs installed at the back of this glass are used to illuminate the patterns though it is the way that the patterns are made that gives it the special holographic look. To produce the same sensation of relief and depth that holograms evoke, different formats were used with sequences of micro-dotting to build up the patterns. The LEDs lights’ technical properties were then manipulated to transmit the light in a way that produces a very interesting effect.

Depending on the point of view of eh beholder, the observer would feel different sensations when looking at the backlit glass. According to the distance of the observer, variations of the design appear to be created via the dotting technique though the image remains as clearly visible as possible since the base material used in the project is glass. At a reasonable distance, the backlit light installation looks like intricate lacework though the 3D effect greatly enhances as a person steps closer to the glass.

At a sufficiently close distance, a sense of weightlessness is communicated via the dotted pattern which seems to produce a three-dimensional image as a result of the optical effect of the holograph. Another distinctive environment is created by the ambient lighting at the periphery when the microdots are turned on. When the light is turned off, the drawing is equally visible and a light constellations effect is created where the dots are over-layered and the light is stronger. The first design in the line geometric figures though both the collections are available in blue and white color lighting schemes.

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