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Aromatic Kaguya lamp endows a soothing atmosphere

kaguya constellation aroma lamp
I have come across many lamps, but this is one of the beautiful and eye-catching lamp I have ever seen. Hailed as ‘Kaguya Constellation Aroma lamp’, this lamp is a product of Japan Trend shop. The lamp gives out thousands of points of lights that shine out of the acrylic case. Made up of acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate and chromium gilt evaporate, the lamps elegantly lightens up your dwelling. The aroma crystal spreads the essential oil in the room that endows you with comfortable and soothing atmosphere. The lamps are offered in mystic blue and brilliant black colors and can be purchased from Japan Trend shop for $368. So, turn it on to brighten the room with the tranquil atmosphere.

Via: Japantrendshop