Autumn Gardening: 10 Things You Can Plant in Your Garden

Autumn being a fantastic season offers equally fantastic opportunities to those interested in the autumn gardening. During these days, one can easily achieve gardening goals that seems impossible in the heat of summer. Plants and vegetables sown in autumn continue offering produce right through January and February. Options are many but here we have brought for you the bestthings that you can plant in your autumn garden.

  1. Broad Beans

Broad beans are an integral part of many autumn gardens for a large number of people sow them in their homes. They are quite meant for this season but at times they get battered by frost or they simply produce beans late in the following year. Therefore, you must plant broad beans in the both sides of winter.

  1. Radishes

Radish is a perfect thing to grow in an autumn garden. All types of radish grow quickly and taste good. You need to grow them in a sunny spot and that is very rich in compost. There should also be some sort of mulch, which functions as insulation around radishes.

  1. Brussels Sprouts

whole and halved brussels sprouts isolated

If allowed to mature in cool weather, Brussels Sprouts taste exceptionally good. This is something that makes them an ideal plant for autumn gardens. They approximately take 90 days to mature and become all firm and green.

  1. Raspberry

Raspberries are easy to grow and look superb in autumn gardens. Sometimes, you need not even grow them for they spring out on their own, just like they do on the road sides. You can plant red raspberries that are rare but taste good. They are also safe from birds for they think they aren’t ripe as yet.

  1. Winter Lettuce

Unlike iceberg or Boston lettuce variety that doesn’t thrive well in autumn or winter, winter lettuces ranging from romaine, butterhead, canary tongue, valdor to radicchio are perfect for your autumn garden. Winter lettuce is strong enough to withstand frost and it tastes bitter in comparison to other lettuce varieties. To reduce their bitterness, blanch them by covering them with an overturned flower pot a few days before harvesting them.

  1. Spinach


The ideal time to sow spinach seeds in your autumn garden is 5 weeks before the first frost date. It comes out even better in the short, cool and moist fall weather in comparison to spring. Capable of surviving temperature as down as the 20s, spinach crop usually lasts well into winters. Having an approximate maturity life of 45 days, fertile soil encourages its rapid growth.

  1. Beets

Rich source of vitamin C and A, beets are wonderful fall vegetables. Not just roots but their leaves are also edible. You can plant them in your autumn garden and can enjoy munching them late in winters. You should make sure that you plant them deep inside the soil, so that they are able to bear the frost.

  1. Garlic


Garlic is a yet another ideal thing that you can plant in your autumn garden. However, due to its long growing phase, don’t even expect harvesting it before summers. Garlic has many varieties but you must pick the types that are easy to grow.

  1. Cauliflower

There is no two way about it that growing cauliflower is not that easy. It requires rich soil and consistent watering for ideal growth. Taking 60 days to mature, you should plant cauliflower seedlings 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost.

  1. Kohlrabi

The ability to tolerate the cold very well makes Kohlrabi an ideal winter vegetable. It grows quickly and you can eat its leaves in salads and soups. 

Autumn gardening is fun just like any other seasonal gardening is. One simply needs to pick plants and vegetables that are remarkably tolerant to colder weather.

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