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Barcode Bookshelf pays a tribute to a consumerist society

Despite being on almost every product that we buy, the humble barcode seldom gets any notice once it has made its journey past the sales counter. However, it remains one of the most potent symbols of consumerism as well as individualism within the facelessness of mass production. This duality of nature makes the barcode just the perfect muse for artists looking to appeal to the masses without losing their own individuality. Mexican designer Eduardo Wignall too used the lowly symbol in one of his creations though the result is absolutely stunning to say the least. The Barcode Bookshelf looks like a three-dimensional incarnation of the scannable symbol and comes with a series of vertical shelves that can hold individual books and magazines.

Barcode Bookshelf

The bookshelf comes with its inner edges painted in a matt black to resemble the dark bars in a barcode while the exterior edges of the shelves are painted white to complete the contrast. A horizontal shelf divides the two bookshelves into two halves so that the user can maximize the functionality of the product too. And just to make sure that the viewer doesn’t mistake the Barcode symbol for a very boxy zebra figure, the designer gave the front of the two-dimensional mark-inspired bookshelf a series of numbers printed along its bottom to complete the resemblance.

Via: Platform A Design

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