Bathroom concept with living walls and a living floor is the ultimate retreat for a nature lover

Nature lovers have long tried to get close to environment without giving up their artificial abodes. Whether it be through the use of house plants, the creation of under-floor aquariums, window boxes filled with flowers and even through the use of living walls or vertical plant walls on exterior surfaces of their homes, people have been bringing ‘the outside in’ as a way to feel closer to the environment that had been their natural dwelling for centuries before humankind started pushing nature out of their homes.


However, indoor plants and using greenery indoors has taken a major upswing in the past few decades. Interior decorators have been advocating the use of small plants in every space in the home including eh bathroom though the use of living walls inside bathroom walls is a bit too extreme for sure.


The concept bathroom space was exhibited at the Tokyo House Vision 2013 exhibition. The absolutely minimal concept was developed by Azuma Makoto and consists on nothing more than a glass floor, a few all-white bathroom fixtures and lush greenery serving as walls and under-floor décor. As an addition to a regular home, a bathroom without any walls or a ceiling may not be too practical. However, we can well see something like this being used by the more eccentric of homeowners to create an unusual and uber relaxing upper floor bathroom or even an outhouse.


If transparent walls and a ceiling is added to such a space, it can well be used to create a niche bathroom that is replete with the most amazing wall texture in the world as well as one that infuses a visitor with glee and relaxation that is comparable only to answering nature’s call in the middle of a temperate forest by a balling brook during a solo camping expedition!

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