Beat the summer heat with these smart home ideas

As the smart home concept is gaining popularity and more and more people are adopting this concept, every house is going to be a smart home very soon. The Home Automation Industry has a big challenge ahead to come up with new innovations and concepts which could cater to the various needs of people. Considering the constant change in the environment, as well as the need for new innovations, companies that deal with smart home products are not just catering to the needs of people, they are also keeping in mind the various climatic changes that are happening on a drastic level.

One season which is really becoming a challenge to deal with is the summer time, while the days may be getting hotter. Well, there are a few smart products in the market that can make a huge difference in the way you see summer this time. With these products, your summer will never be the same.

You can still have fun with your loved ones in the same way except here it is more of a technological twist.  Here are a few smart home tips that can help you get through the summer time easily

Have a pool party with the Smart Pool

Those who have a swimming pool or are planning to get one installed can upgrade to the smart pool. The smart swimming pool comes with various sensors that can let you know when it is time to clean the pool, monitor the chlorine and pH levels. Such a pool also lets you know the quality of the water. It will also monitor the water temperature and adjust it accordingly. It is also equipped with a security feature that will let you know if there is something wrong or if a child is in the pool without adult supervision.

The living room in the midst of nature

Who said that the living room is just restricted indoors? Now you can convert part of your backyard into an outdoor living room. There are waterproof TVs available in the market, which are designed to sustain any climate, and still give out a good picture quality even in the midst of the day. Add on a good entertainment system which has a complete surround sound meant for the outdoors. The entire smart home system along with the TV can be controlled through your smart phone just by downloading the relevant app that goes along with it. This will be a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family outdoors.

The Smart Sprinkler system makes it easy for you to maintain your landscape


With this system, you do not have to start the sprinklers manually; the best part of the smart sprinkler system lets you water your lawn even if you are on a vacation. This means that you do not have to depend on anybody to come and do the job for you. You can also set the time when the sprinklers should go on and off as well as ensure that your garden’s beauty still stays the same.

Beat the heat with a cool house

The days of entering a hot house is soon going to be a thing of the past. The smart temperature controller allows you to turn your AC on even when you are not in the house. Moreover, you have a special temperature controlling system that maintains the temperature of the house as well as ensures that you do not end up with a huge energy bill. With this system, you can also control the fans of your house just by setting up one unit.

Enjoy grilling outdoors or indoors with the Smart Griller and Barbeque pit

If you love grilling and barbecues, well now you have their smarter versions available. These appliances are equipped with all the functions that are needed while you are cooking. Right from the temperature control to the amount of time needed for your food to get ready, as well as when it is time to flip sides, you will get the all notifications on your Smartphone.

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