Beaugars: An artistical design to beautify your home furnishings!

With cities getting more and more overcrowded and the homes turning out to be just 2BHK apartments, people are hardly left with any option to decorate their homes with luxurious items and furniture.This problem is faced by almost all residing in major towns and cities all over the globe. But as we all know, humans are that unique species on earth that can adjust themselves to any given environment. As said, be it any field or any situation, there are these wonderful inventors who keep on inventing something new to the demand of situation. And so, Meike Langer, an industrial designer from Germany, has come up with some unique designs in the furniture lines. Her latest conceptual design, Beaugars, brings a revolutionary change in the furniture department. And yes, Beaugars is the needful answer for the demand of current situation that provides functionality, usability and long term durability.Beaugars by Meike Langer

Beaugars comes as a set, which includes two metal arcs, three of the wooden hook-elements and one wooden bench. The bench is architected with five legs in which three are wooden-made and two are the metal ones. Both the arcs are movable around the spacious area providing full rotation of 360°. The furniture is offers space to lay, hang up and store objects of daily domestic use. It’s mutable thanks to the flexibility of the two arcs, which can be rotated at 360°.

It has the unique quality of adaptation, which means it can be adjusted with the available space according to the user’s apartment. Thus, one can make it live large or compact according to his use and need. Langer has indeed provided us with a wonderful solution to our domestic problem in such an artistic way.

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