Beautify your patio furniture with the mix and match concept

The best part of the mix and match concept is that it opens the doors to a new level of creativity. With this concept, you can go all out to decorate any space in an innovative manner. While most of the time, the implication of this concept is by playing with colors; you can also walk the extra mile by doing the same with your furniture.

The patio is one of the best places to play with the concept

Having a patio in your house gives you a chance to create the extra space you need for a variety of reasons. While decorating this space, you have the added advantage of the beautiful outdoors to support any kind of concept.

Sometimes breaking the normal routine of going with the matching concept and getting into a new zone is a beautiful way to experiment with your home decor. This is a simple and effective way to make use of what you already have with you and not investing in something expensive.  Here are some decor ideas you can use for your patio.

Time to bring in some contrasting materials

Break the monotony of going for the usual blend of materials and choose the contrasting ones instead. This will help to give your patio a dramatic effect along with an interesting visual. From wood strips to sand, concrete blocks or even bricks; play with the materials you have and you can design your patio innovatively.

If you want to go with a touch of metal, you can consider doing that with the lighting or furniture. You can also consider the metallic option if you are planning to have an outdoor entertainment zone or kitchen. This way you can be sure that the investment you are making is a good one and it serves you for a longer time.

Shapes and sizes are a great way to start

Another great way to play with the mix and match concept is by going for different shapes and sizes. While choosing this aspect, make sure that the pieces fit in perfectly just like how they do with the jigsaw puzzle.

It is all right to choose furniture that is not of the same size or shape, provided you place them properly so that they look nice and not very obvious. Just remember one thing, let the base or foundation be a classic shape like a square, rectangle, circle or triangle so that you can experiment well with it.

Let us consider colors and see how to blend them together

The easiest and innovative tip for getting the mix and match concept correctly is by playing with colors. You can stick to simplicity or go all out with a little touch of elegance and metallic colors to bring in the mood of your choice. Do not hesitate to repeat the colors every now and then; this will equally help to make it easy to decorate your patio.

Do not forget to add a touch of the natural colors like brown, tan or cream so that it helps to balance things. This will also help you to bring in a sober touch as well as go well with the outdoor patio concept. Another reason why you should consider the natural pallet is that this will help to define the area or space based on the materials that you use.

Patterns and designs can also make a difference

You can choose from different hues to differently sized patterns and blend them all together. Mix geometric and organic patterns so that you get a taste of everything under one roof. The best part about organic patterns is that they are inspired by nature. Flowers, leaves, amazing landscapes prints are all the different patterns or designs that fall under the organic category.

With the geometric designs and patterns, you already have the mix and match concept blended in together. This will reduce your time of brainstorming the combinations and allow you to be innovative. You can also choose to blend a few traditional geometric designs like the polka dots, stripes or zigzag prints along with the organic touch to make your patio look refreshing and beautiful. This is a great way to enhance any space and fit in with the latest changes.

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