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BreezeDry eco-friendly drying cabinet for your clothes

breeze dry eco friendly drying cabinet

The BreezeDry drying cabinet is not only Eco-friendly, but is also the most gentle drying appliance. Definitely a better way to dry clothes, it is not like traditional tumble dryers. It is like a missing piece in the puzzle or a jewel that will complete your laundry room for the good. It is very easy to use this jewel all to your advantage. All you have to do is, either hang your clothes inside or lay them on the rack in the cabinet. Then it is the easy to use touch screen that will let you choose natural, Eco-friendly outdoor air or any other option that will let you dry your clothes in a perfect manner.

The precision sensors not only control low-power fans, but also monitor moisture directly from the clothes to ensure perfect drying and that too at the push of a button. Every time you run the dryer, it will not fail you, giving you perfectly dried clothes every time. And, the best part is that the built-in modular designs can easily be incorporated in any area.

Via: Appliancist