How to build your own pixel trash can

Pixel Trash Can

A pixel trash can is a new and innovative way of making your regular trash can have a different look. Giving this pixel look to your trash can will be something modern and if you are keeping this trash can in any part of your house, it will also add a sleek look to that place. This type of can is made from wood and so if you are fond of wooden things you can try to make this one. To build your own pixel trash can is not a time taking process and the materials you will need are quite easy to get. The pixel trash can is heavy and weighs 8 lbs.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: 1hour 50 minutes (but it may vary)

Resources required:

Wood of 1.5 cm thick (approximately)

Three different shades of grey paint

Wood filler



Circular saw bench


Masking tape

Scroll saw

Belt sander



Paint brush


Working gloves, safety glasses, ear protection

Estimated cost: NA


1. Measurement: Before you start, make sure you have decided on the size of your trash can and have made the measurements before.

2. Using the saw: You can use only blocks made out of wood for this but it will be tough so it is advised no to do so. Mark the measurements on the wooden surface with a pencil and then cut them with a saw.

3. Sawing and drawing a grid: For sawing the lid and the button you have to draw a grid on that wood. Don’t forget to cut a flat disc shape out of the wood which will serve as the bottom of the trash can. Apart from the bottom cut the sides according to the measurement you want.

4. Sanding, filling and priming the pieces: Now you will be quite close to building the trash can for you are making the pieces with which you will build the trash can giving it a pixel look. Take the wooden parts and sand them. Use a wood filler to fill all the holes in case you are using plywood. You have to prime the wood more than once if you are using plywood or MDF or else it will be difficult to apply paint. You should also sand between the layers.

5. Painting: You can paint it in anyway you want. Just keep in mind that it takes time to paint each piece and therefore much time will be required for all the pieces. It is better if you decide about the design and color. It is advised to use masking tape in order to make the straight lines easily.

6. Collecting the pieces and joining them together: This is the final step where you take all the pieces after priming, sanding, coloring and after applying masking tape to join them together at the right places for finishing your trash can. Glue the side end of each piece first and then join it with the other and continue in this manner until you have made the length of the can. To ensure that the pieces stick to each other firmly you can use screws. In that case fill the holes which will be created with the help of the wood filler. After you’ve joined and made the length as explained leave it for sometime to dry. After it has dried join the one which you have cut in a circular flat shape for the bottom and finally join it to the length with glue. You may use screws if you want.

Quick tips:

1. Use a quick drying glue available in the market which will save you time while you are gluing the parts.

2. Though the measurement about the thickness of the wood is given, you may alter it slightly or have build in whatever size you want.

Things to watch out for:

Make sure that the screws are not scattered and that the screws have been hammered well.

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