Casting and Application Using Concrete Molds by Betonblock

concrete molds by Betonblock

If you have ever created buildings out of LEGO as a child, we are sure that you might have wondered if we could also do the same in real life i.e. whether creating the buildings that we live in was as easy as creating LEGO buildings.

Although this might have seemed just like a dream till about few years ago, but now companies like Betonblock with their molds of concrete are turning this very dream into a reality. They are creating concrete blocks from poured concrete, which not only have specific size and shape, but also have immense strength.

The only significant difference about creating a building out of LEGO to creating one with Betonblock is that with Betonblock you use cranes instead of hands (as the blocks are heavy). So, you can rest assured that designing a building would be wonderfully easy. The other difference could be that Betonblock, offers a larger variety of size, shape, and function, which they are increasing every day.

Casting using concrete molds by Betonblock

Casting and Application Using Concrete Molds by BetonblockAlthough Betonblock offers a range of other products like Barriers,Tetrapods, and Lifting & Accessories, it is their concrete block molds that find the most extensive usage. Their casting is literally the same as all the other pre-made concrete molds. Here’s are the steps involved in it:

1. Get the mix

The first step in this involves get the perfect concrete mix for your mold. Since these molds do not require a very specific mixture, it’d fine if you simply go for the standard mix.

2. Place the mold on a strong flat surface

Don’t place the mold on uneven ground, or even on weak ground that has tendency of sinking under pressure. We’d suggest you place a steel plate on the surface before placing the mold on it.

3. Apply mold oil inside the mold

The concrete molds by Betonblock are meant to be used again and again. The best way to ensure that you can use them for the longest time is by applying mold oil inside them before molding. Not only this would assure easy removal of the block, it’d also increase its durability.

4. Pour the concrete

The next, and the most important step involves pouring the concrete inside the mold. You just have to assure that you do it properly so that no gaps are left.

5. Compacting

Compacting is comparatively simple; you just have to insert an immersion vibrator in the freshly poured concrete. It’d ensure that all the gaps in the concrete are taken care of.

6. Final Touch

Now all that’s left is leveling. It’s best to do it with a trowel.

7. Remove the mold

Now remove the pins and wedges, separate the mold from block, and you are done.

Application of Concrete molds by Betonblock

Dividers-and-coverplatesAlthough you can create limitless designs of concrete blocks using barriers, but basically there are four main applications of concrete molds by Betonblock. These are:

1. Concrete Block

Concrete blocks can be used for a wide range of applications. The size and strength could be adjusted as per your wish. So, when the construction work involves precision, efficiency, and ease of work, there’s nothing that beats concrete blocks.

2. Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs have a wide range of applications, but they are mostly used for creating solid and durable pavements and roads.

3. Barriers

Barriers are amongst the most underrated concrete structures. But strong barriers are necessary to regulate traffic in any region. Using concrete molds by Betonblock, you can create barriers that are both strong and durable.

4. Tetrapod

Tetrapod are innovative concrete molds that are designed to provide a better breakwater effect. Depending upon the usage, you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

Final Words

No matter whether it’s construction or architecture, every day we come across brand new innovations. By adopting ourselves to innovations like concrete molds, we can prepare ourselves for a future where construction is stronger, faster, and more reliable.

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