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Casual Cupboards challenge the cliched form of wardrobes


Casual cupboards by Louise Campbell are not like your regular and cliched cupboards. These look like miniature boats that have been fitted with some small compartments to house your clothes and other belongings. It is a perfect alternative for your boring cupboards, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of its functionality. When it comes to these cupboards, your clothes become an object of admiration and together these objects provide a fair treatment to your eyes, and surroundings. These cupboards can not only be leaned against the wall, but can also be slung on the floor. Quite casual in form and function, I must say! Made in laminated plywood, rubber bands, these cupboards measure W: 60cm H: 180cm D: 40cm. However, these cupboards are currently not under production. But, this sure is a neat idea that you can imitate in your home.