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CATA Appliances launches Coffee Machines

magic brew
For all the caffeine lover Cata appliances has come up with an ultimate coffee machine hailed ‘Magic brew’. This distinctive coffee maker in-cooperates 4-in-1 features that allow you to relish the experience of Espresso, Cappuccino, Filter coffee and tea, just at the go of a button. Additional distinctive features includes high bar pressure for extra froth, rich taste and thick coffee.

Featuring a safety value with automatically pressure device and a LED light and LCD display, this coffee maker makes upto 12 cups filter and 4 cups espresso and cappuccino coffee. With the steam capacity of 1.5L, it also has two thermostats for scheming temperature of espresso. Each attribute of the machine has been designed keeping the expediency of usage in mind and its exquisiteness will leave you spell bound.

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