Checkpoints for house maintenance after a hailstorm

At times, hailstorms cause excessive damage and there has been a drastic increase in such cases. Hailstorms damage anything that comes its way. Just after the hailstorm is over, one should check the following items or areas of the house to make sure that the hail did not damage anything. If in case there is damage, it can be rectified immediately.

 Chimney maintenance

  • Chimney and gas vents – The rain caps and the chimney caps can be damaged by hail. Chimneys that are at a height should also be checked for any signs of damage. The gas vent covers need to be checked as they are made of aluminum which can be easily damaged by hailstorm.
  • Roof – Hailstorms affect the roof badly, so it is important to get to the roof with the help of a ladder to analyze the damage done. In case there are any dents or holes in the roof, it needs to be repaired immediately to prevent any further harm to the roof.
  • Gutters and downspouts– The gutters are made of aluminum and hailstorm can damage these gutters. Also, the downspouts can be ruined by the heavy hail. A check is required for these locations too.
  • Skylights – The hail can damage the aluminum frames of the skylights and the glass can break, so these lights need to be checked.

 aluminum flashing

  • Flashing – Sometimes, the aluminum flashing placed along the wall intersections and chimneys are damaged by hail. The flashing needs to be inspected to make sure that everything is in place.
  • HVAC equipment – It is important to check the coils and fins of the HVAC units placed outside. Hail can damage these and in turn there can be airflow issues or leakage problems.
  • Windows and window screens – Hail can damage glass along the trim and sash. Also, the window screens can be ruined by hail, so these areas also need to be monitored closely.
  • Siding – In case there is vinyl siding, it can be broken or chipped due to hail. Even the Synthetic Stucco is very prone to damages by the hailstorm. Thus, a close examination is necessary.

The most important thing is to take a walk around the house just to make sure that there is no damage to the house after the hailstorm.


Hailstorms can be furious, and damaging to your property. Once the storm has passed, take a look around to check various elements and construction around your house to ensure that no specific structure or item has been damaged.

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