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Green roofs add value and benefits to your home

Green Roofs have lately made their appearance and presence felt in urban areas. These roofs are the roofs covered with plants and/or flowers. The vegetation is allowed to grow in a manner such that it creates a layer over the roof that acts as a thermal insulator. The Green Roofs maintain the temperature inside the house. Due to this, the house remains cool in summers and warm in winters. According to the pros at Feller Roofing, this can actually “help homeowners save money.”


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The exact specifications of the roof depend on the location of the house. The type of vegetation to be planted depends on the average temperature of the region and the amount of precipitation. The required maintenance should also be taken into consideration when placing a green roof. These Green Roofs can minimize to the amount of heat lost through the roof, this in turn can greatly reduce energy bills.

There is one more benefit of these roofs. Green Roofs acts as a barrier for the outside noise too. Therefore, residents can have a peaceful time at home and enjoy a sound sleep. The vegetation can block all frequencies of sound from the outside. The degree to which the noise is blocked depends on the type of roof cover used. Sound blocked depends on the type of vegetation. The specialists can analyze the area and then guide the person about the type of vegetation, which can grow and act as a roof cover.

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People think that the Green Roofs are expensive to install, which is true, but when compared with the benefits, the cost may not be as big an issue. The characteristics of acting as a thermal insulator and noise barrier make Green Roofs quite popular. People are becoming aware about the threats to the environment and thus, installing these roofs is a great way to contribute for the betterment of the environment. Outside noise will no longer be a problem and the amount spent on bills is reduced.

The Green Roof System consists of five layers, which are vegetation, medium for growing vegetation, the filter fabric, the drainage layer and a root barrier; this clearly illustrates how efficiently this whole system is designed. Green roofs also conserve the rooftop and increase its life span. So, beautify the roof with some amazing plants and at the same time one can derive various benefits from it thus making the house a comfortable place to stay.


Green roofs are gaining more popularity by the day, which is quite understandable, since they offer a variety of benefits. It’s not just adding green to your home, but also a way to insulate it with style.

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