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Seven clothes dryers for quick and hygienic aeration

Best Clothes dryers

Washing your laundry by hand and drying out those wet clothes is one of the most time consuming work for every one. Washing machines can give you relief from this situation. Thus, in the modern times washing machine has become one of the most necessary home appliance by which you can wash your cloth as well as dry them without wasting your time and energy. This article will prove you information on some washing machines as well as clothes dryers which can work quickly and has great hygienic ventilation that might meet the requirement of today’s urban population.

1.Haier HLP140E

Haier HLP140E

This is one of the most compact dryers. It makes the clothes get dry quickly. It is a product of Haier. You will find 1100 watt tumble dryer in it, which runs on 120 volts. The specious 2-3/5 cubic feet drum, a removable internal filter and digital touch control panel makes this machine one of the most user friendly gadgets. You can also find different modes of function in it, like dry wash mode, normal water wash, only dryer, etc. You just need to put all the clothes inside the machine, close the door and select the mode of operation.

2.Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer

Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer

This is the centrifugal clothes dryer, which cleans the cloths thoroughly without a drop of water or detergent. The high speed spinning tub makes your cloths almost dry. But it does not blow any hot air on the clothes. Thus, there is no chance of damage to the cloth. The best feature of this machine is that the high speed spinning tub with 3200 rpm works on only 440 watts and in two to three minutes only. The total weight of this machine is nearly about 22lbs in which you can load wet laundry of 18.8lb capacity. You can also use this machine as a conventional tumble dryer. It is an upgraded model, imparting greater stability of the clothes.

3. Maytag MEDE200XW Electric dryer

Maytag MEDE200XW Electric Dryer

This is another most interesting electric dryer that has gentle breeze drying system with an internal dry sensor that can monitor the moisture level of the wet laundry inside it. It can also prevent shrinkage of the cloths. Besides this, the smooth balance suspension system reduces the noise. This turbo drum has capacity of a 6.7 cu.ft. Turbo drum along with nine drying cycles and six temperature regulator. These entire features make this washing machine top the list.

4. Fisher & Paykel ED56

Fisher & Paykel ED56

This is awesome electronic clothes dryer, having a capacity of 4.5 kgs. The machine has five modes of dryness settings with a tub that spins in both sides, which can work in any normal wattage. The most significant feature of this machine is that you do not need to predict or figure out how long it will take to dry out the cloths. It is easy to handle and you do not need any manual or guide. But the price of this machine is a little bit costly.

5. Iron Aid Stream Dryer

Iron Aid Steam Dryer

This is one of the most hi tech, next generation dryers which has been introduced by Electrolux. This machine not only dries your clothes, it can iron them too. You will find 6 kg condense dryer with a steam generator, which works on two different programs. One allows you to refresh your clothes and another helps you to iron your clothes. The steam is generated from a separate container, which is able to hold sufficient quantity of water.

6. Sun dryer

Sun Dryer

Designer Tian Lingrue has made this unique cloth drying machine, which is known as sun dryer. It is one of the most user friendly and energy efficient drying machines which does not acquire much space. The most remarkable feature of this machine is that it can generate energy from sun which helps to heat the air, thereby making the clothes dry out quickly. That is why when you use this machine you must try to place this at a place where sunlight reaches directly.

7. LG TD-v1000S Clothes Dryers

LG TD-V1000S Clothes Dryer

This is another most hi tech clothes dryer, having special features. It has been made by one of the largest electronic company, LG. It is one of the most user friendly and eco clothes drying machine where you can find two star energy efficiency rating. You can easily dry 10 kgs of clothes at a time in this machine. Besides this, electric control sensor system, condenser, automatic timer, lint filter and anti crease cycles make this dryer one of the most hi tech clothes dryers till date.