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Contemporary bathroom designs

Contemporary bathroom designs are the latest trend in the world of interior design. Over the past few decades, contemporary themes were limited to bedroom and living room décor only though designers have now expanded its horizon to suit kitchens and bathrooms as well. The contemporary theme, with its sleek lines, clean silhouettes and minimal use of accessories, makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms. Since the very basic idea behind the contemporary style of interior decoration is to use simple silhouettes, complimenting textures, colors and straight lines, it helps users to create an uncluttered bathroom, which is refreshing as well as inviting.

Contemporary bathroom design with World’s End Tiles

This bathroom set with World’s End Tiles is a quintessential contemporary bathroom design. One half of the bathroom is covered with glass tiles that allow light to bounce off the walls, while the other half is covered with a stone tile of matt finish. This produces a dramatic effect that also highlights the minimalist chromed fittings of the bath set. A simple glass wall divides the wet and dry use spaces and simple pristine white ceramic fixtures allow the design to reflect an understated sense of glamour.

Traditional and contemporary bathroom designs

Though the contemporary theme is the current buzz in bathroom designs, it can be a little too edgy for people who need their bathroom to be a little more traditional. This beautiful traditional and contemporary bathroom design from Pearl Baths offers users the best of both worlds. In this design, the sharp yet simple lines of the contemporary theme are used in the layout of the sink counter, the corner bathtub and oversized tiles, while the traditional look is achieved by the use of wood for the cabinets, wood laminate for the exterior of the tub and partial wooden flooring. By overlapping contemporary lines with traditional textures, the bath provides just the right balance of the two distinct themes.

Traditional constraints contemporary style bathroom design

For many people, the bareness of the contemporary style of bathrooms can be a bit daunting. However, if you want to intentionally declutter your bath space but want to do so in a style that is still somehow traditional in its outlook, you can try to overlap contemporary textures and lines with a few period pieces. This bathroom design is the perfect example of this style and features a classic round white tub that is matched with a classic white stone sink. The white paint scheme is repeated in the frames of the 18th century inspired chairs and the oversized mirror from the same period. To add a touch of modernity to the set, a low-lying pendant light is set right in the middle of the room for added glamour and drama.

Luxurious bathroom designs with jacuzzi and stylish shower enclosure

The greatest thing about contemporary bathroom designs is that they allow users to install the best and most luxurious bath fixtures without overpowering the space. This lavish bath set combines convenience and utility with a premium jacuzzi and minimalist shower enclosed with skidding premium value moderated glass walls. The clean lines of the design are accentuated with wooden accents around the sink counter, vertical cabinet, base of the jacuzzi and the base of the shower.

Contemporary bathroom design of wood

Scandinavian designs have dominated both modern and contemporary styles of décor since 1940s. However, the use of chrome and bleached bare woods can appear repetitive and dull though for anyone who wants a similar look, choosing complimentary woods and earthy shades can work wonders. This wood-laden contemporary bathroom uses a lighter shade of wood for flooring with a darker stain on the cabinet providing the room with warmth. The warm tone of the muted white paint is enhanced by the earthy tone of the other wall, which is again repeated in the background provided for the sink counter.

Bathroom design by Duravit

This beautiful and clean bathroom design was created by award-winning designer Matteo Thun for the Onto bathroom collection of sanitaryware manufacturer Duravit. The design was created to be part of a commercial setting like a hotel though it would look just as perfect in an upscale home. With no anchoring linking the console to the floor, it appears to float in mid air. The wall mounted console provides ample space for personal effect and it frames the basic just perfectly. The look of the easy-to-install design is enhanced by the natural wood finish with its contemporary organic look being provided by the soft curved front and minimal lines.

Bathroom design by TOTO

Designed by TOTO, this simple and elegant bathroom design boasts of good taste, modernity and elegance. The clever use of fairly basic mirrors, bath tubs and sinks maintains a clean and fresh outlook. Fitted with all modern bath accessories, the design makes best use of the given space with comforting colors and a large window.

SensareMare bathroom set by Hoesch

Created by Hoesch, the SensareMare bathroom blends comfortable atmosphere with a modern design. The design comes with a Whirlpool bath that allows users to soak in style while the SensareMare box offers users a glamorous and functional place to take a shower in. The black and white interior design is starkly contemporary with minimalist overtones accentuating the design’s modernity.

Contemporary bathroom design by Sonia furniture

This contemporary bathroom design by Sonia furniture is a classic example of the stunning effects that can be achieved with simple lines and very basic pieces of sanitaryware. The muted tones of the wood floor and the matt-faced tiles reduce reflection and allow the ceramic fittings to stand out as sculptural pieces. The set allows the user to become the focus of attention when they are in the room, which makes a great vanity set for anyone looking for a little self-love.

Modern contemporary bathroom design from Glassic Argentina

To enhance the aesthetics within any contemporary bath design, a sturdy glass partition is essential. Glassic Argentina specializes in creating top-quality partitions that use tempered safety glass with thick aluminum reinforced bearings. These partitions are super quiet and super smooth and allow the user to create a number of bespoke effects in their bathroom designs.