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Control the flow of energy in your house with Smart Switch

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Designed by Avery Holleman, the Smart Switch is a system that can be installed in an existing home to allow the user to control the power flow in the entire house. It not only allows you to save energy by controlling it, but also allows you to manipulate it by assigning certain amounts in various rooms. The system has four parts. The first one being programmable smart power outlets that can also be controlled. Then comes the power displaying smart switches that can also control multiple outlets and lights. The third part is that of a master switch, which has the duty of giving detailed powers usage and also control over the entire system. And, the fourth part is a remote, which can program the entire system.

All the four parts of this smart system are kept in coordination and the usage is made simple with the help of a universal icon based touch interface. It utilizes power line communication, so that it becomes easy to connect to the wires that already exist in the house.

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