Cool Gadgets to Add to Your Home Office to Be More Productive

Cool Gadgets to Add to Your Home Office

Is it time to upgrade your home office? In the last two years, we’ve learned so much about how to make a home office as productive as possible. You know you need to make work more efficient and effective, so here are a few gadgets that will make your work life far from boring and much more productive and organized. 

1. The Home Office Availability Calendar

busy womanThe Joan Home Office Availability Calendar minimizes distractions while you work at home. It syncs with your online calendar and displays calls you might receive while in a meeting. It also ensures that your friends, family, and roommates don’t interrupt by displaying a busy sign while you are working. The device mounts to a wall outside of your office or work area.

2. The Smart Standing Desk

Are you tired of sitting behind your computer all day checking the rise and fall of your stocks and your ex dividend date? Don’t worry. With this smart standing desk, you can stand, walk, exercise, and keep your energy up, all while continuing to keep your eye on your finances or any other computer-related work you do. Some of these desks also come with health and wellness apps that remind you of posture exercises, standing goals, and deep breathing exercises you can do while working.

3. The Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomic MouseWhen you work long hours behind a computer, your mouse becomes an extension of your hands. So it would help if you had an ergonomic mouse, one that fits your hand well and gives you added comfort. An ergonomic mouse keeps your hand and your forearm relaxed and gives you better accuracy when pointing to certain areas on the page, drawing, or image.

4. A Wireless Keyboard

The wireless keyboard is a joy to work with because you can move it around. So if you stand you can take your keyboard with you without having to worry about stepping on the wires. Wireless keyboards also offer the added benefit of hooking into your tablet, laptop, or PC and give you interesting features like fast screen snipping and copy and paste features.

5. The Do It All Displays

person working from homeYes. You do need an external display when you work long hours on a laptop or PC. New displays are great choices because they let you work directly on the cloud without having to switch on your PC for everything. Just use the streaming apps, built-in speaker, and remote control. Plus, when you are tired of working, you can even use the display like a TV.

6. The Wireless Charging Stand

Charge your AirPods and your iPhone with a wireless charger stand you can set on your desk. The stand gives you eye-level access to your phone at all times while at the same time works to charge the phone.

7. A Videoconferencing Bar

VideoconferencingMake your video calls stand out with a video bar that sits on top of your monitor and provide automatic camera framing. No longer do you have to place your camera on something, prop it up with something, or tape it to your monitor. The bar clips on perfectly and frames your face automatically. The bar also has multiple microphones and noise blocking technology to filter out background sounds.

8. USB Power Hub

You want your work devices to have enough power to work effectively, so it is a great idea to add power. Attach a powerful USB hub to the power outlet and to your PC to give you more areas to attach devices. Hubs should have both a cable to the PC and to the outlet to ensure you have enough power to work cameras, headphones, external drives, and more.

9. A Laptop Stand

A Laptop StandIf you are serious about your home office setup, you really need a laptop stand. Get rid of the books, boxes, and strange things you find around the house to hold your laptop in the right position during a video call. A laptop stand will do the trick. It’s minimalistic, so you don’t have to have so many things sitting on your desk, and it keeps a laptop at the right height for video conference calls.

You’ve been working at home for a while now, so it is about time you got your home office organized and in shape. These gadgets will make it easier for you to work, and they are a lot of fun to use. So adding a gadget or two to your current setup will make you feel motivated and high tech so it will help you be more productive as well.

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