Cool ways to accessorize a sofa

Accessorizing a sofa looks like it isn’t rocket science and
that anyone with the slightest flair for decorating can do it. However, the fact
remains that unless you know a thing or two about accessorizing a sofa, you may
end up doing too much or too little leaving the sofa looking too crowded or too
bare. Here are a few handy ways in which you can accessorize a sofa.

Fur, fabric and
woolen throw blankets

Throw blankets are perfect at giving your sofa a “lived-in”
look. There are a number of throw options available for every season and you
should use one which is practical for you and goes well with your sofa.

Winter throws are made using faux or real fur and machine
made or hand knit wool. Summer throws are usually quilted or crocheted and are
rather lightweight too. Color and texture are also important considerations
when picking out a throw for your sofa.

For a highly textured sofa, pick a throw that is lightweight
though for a plainer sofa, you should pick a more heavily textured throw to
finish the look.

Throw pillows and

Throw pillows and cushions are the simplest way to
accessorize a sofa though it is both an art as well as a science in its own

You have to use throw pillows in the right number, combination,
color and texture to create a seamless look for more traditional decors though
an eclectic themed living room would benefit from a mix of cushions in different
colors and textures.


If you want to give your entire sofa a makeover without
worrying about throws and cushions, you can always use slipcovers to reinvent
the sofa that you’ve always had.

Remember to get it professional made though you can add
details like frills and piping to make an existing plain slipcover more

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